TiVo updates TiVoDesktop for Mac

TiVo has updated Desktop for Mac (v1.9.2). This update provides compatability with Mac OS X 10.4: Tiger, but includes digital music & photos only — not TiVoToGo transfers.

• A networked TiVo Series2 DVR
• iTunes 3.0.1 or later required for music
• iPhotos 5 or later required for photos
• 400MHz G3 processor or better recommended
• 256MB RAM or more recommended

TiVo plans to add Mac OS X support for TiVoToGo “sometime this year.”

More info and download link here.

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Report: TiVo to add Mac OS X support for TiVoToGo ‘sometime next year’ – November 22, 2005


  1. But it still doesn’t play music bought from iTunes. Damn you TiVo!

    Oh wait, I forgot. It’s not TiVo’s fault. Hmmm. I thought people say that the DRM on the iTunes music is not a problem? Well guess what folks? Here’s your answer. See why we don’t want DRM laced music.
    Yet people still buy it. Lemmings. Every one of us. Our rights are slowly being eroded yet we won’t notice until its too late. Boycott iTMS! Buy CD’s instead. But not the ones with Copy Protection. Thats just as bad as DRM.

    I just don’t get it. We curse the record labels for selling copy protected CD’s yet we buy millions of songs from iTunes. Hypocrites.

    I fear the day music CD’s are extinct.

  2. Jeff, simply answer… when we buy from iTunes we accept the DRM because the music is valued price and Apple offers a simple solution.

    The record companies on the other hand are just screwing with consumers to force their perceived music value onto us.

    And as far as TiVo playing music from iTunes, um… why?

  3. For all of you who bought TiVos… you’re suckers. My ReplayTVs don’t need crack ass corporate software, they share over network for free, they have ethernet built into the chassis, they share with my Macs for free… I don’t get content controlled, I have auto-commercial advance… I understand the TiVo popularity, but working in the A/V industry and knowing both products inside and out… TiVo = Dell and ReplayTV = Mac.

  4. The DRM isn’t Apple’s thing, it’s the RIAA.

    And Apple CAN not and NEVER COULD have offered the iTunes store at all without the RIAA.

    Apple doesn’t like it any more than you do, but they have no power to tell the RIAA not to fight pirates.

    You do. Boycotting is a good idea, if you feel this will reduce the power of the RIAA.

    But for me, I think iTunes is the best START on reducing their power that I’ve seen in a long time.

    Nothing can kill the RIAA overnight, but don’t shoot the messenger (Apple) over it.

    And don’t forget to blame the pirates too. Without them there would be no DRM.

  5. Hello all…did anyone notice a story today on various rumor sites, including Macminute and Appleinsider that said that Steve Jobs and Bono would be hosting a special event in March.

    The story has now been pulled from both sites, with no explanation. As I write this post, there is still a link towards the bottom of Appleinsider’s headline section (scroll down for list of articles). But when you click the link, it leads to a story about a new Apple store in Italy.

    I’m confused. Please explain.

  6. Jeff,

    Chill dude.

    iTunes is a good thing. I watched with exasperation CD prices go higher and higher as the labels ran their business unchecked.

    Finally, someone (Jobs) stopped in and become a force for them to reckon with.
    Until last year’s $.99 battle when has anyone/org had the negotiating strength to dictate anything to the bastard Labels?

    Aside from one or two tiny class action lawsuits the answer is NEVER.
    Not he retailers
    Not the Artists
    Certainly not the dupe houses.

    Besides Bob is right, with AirExp, why the hell would I want my music to play on a crappy Tivo anyway?

    Especially now that I can stream the same music simultaneously throughout my home. Just too cool.

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