Apple gives MacBook Pro computers to top twelve WebKit Open Source Project developers

“Back in June 2005, we started the WebKit Open Source Project. Since then, lots of people have gotten involved in the project. Those of us at Apple are grateful for all the work they’ve done and how it will help us with future releases of Safari and WebKit,” Darin Adler, Apple Computer’s Safari and WebKit engineering team manager, writes for the Surfin’ Safari blog.

We’ve received contributions in every area of WebKit. Here are just a few of the improvements made by non-Apple contributors:
• The entire infrastructure, including nightly builds and the buildbot.
• JavaScriptCore that matches up with KJS.
• Many fixes that were formerly only in KHTML and KJS in the KDE source tree.
• SVG support in WebKit.
• Improved structure of DOM and auto-generated bindings inspired by KDOM.
• Vast text layout and rendering improvements, including excellent right-to-left support.
• A tremendous number of bug fixes that were easy because of reductions, excellent test cases, and pinpointed version numbers for regressions.

Adler writes, “As a thank you, we are giving MacBook Pro computers to twelve of our top contributors. We’ve also invited five of them to attend Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2006 ‘on Apple’s dime.'”

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  1. … and a nice PR move on Apple’s part. They get a “feel good” press release out of this, which is great PR for the company.

    Not that this isn’t a good thing in its own right, you just have to look at the marketing spin they can get out of it too ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. 6th post!!!! Oh…I guess that’s pointless…

    I love the fact that Apple has done this. Now…what we all need is a FAR more powerful suite of office apps from them including a spreadsheet app.
    All universal binaries. Are they worried about making Microsoft angry? Too late…the big M has already committed to five more years of support.
    I’d love to see iWork turn into what it could be…an Office killer. Keynote is already better, Pages has some great features, and the long rumored Numbers will no doubt be quite clever…but how about truly useful in an office environment?

  3. Cheapest quality programming output around. Apple is doing the right thing by rewarding some of the best programmers who ply their trade for the love of open source.

  4. Confused1, I was 1st by an hour and 40 minutes. Why did I post 1st? Because I have no job & no life. I eat, breathe, sleep Apple Computer.
    But I still have 1st post to brag about.

  5. Old news

    I go away for the weekend on a nice trip, no Mac, just some primative TV and lots of lov’in, I come back and MDN has only two new posts, one is old news.


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