Apple CEO Steve Jobs has all the pieces of new entertainment world in his grasp

“He is the indisputable leader of the digital music revolution, the visionary and financier behind some of the biggest movies in recent history, and soon, the largest shareholder of Walt Disney Co.,” Bob Keefe writes for Cox News Service. “But Steve Jobs may also have another moniker: king of new entertainment. ‘I think he’s it,’ said Jeffrey Young, who has written two books about Jobs and Apple Computer Inc. ‘I don’t think there’s anybody else. He’s assumed the place that [producer-director Steven] Spielberg had.’ It’s an unlikely role for a guy who purportedly doesn’t even like Hollywood. But Jobs has always thrived on doing the unlikely.”

Keefe writes, “With movies, music and other entertainment, ‘you know it’s all going to be on the Internet, on your cell phone, as well as on your TV,’ said Young. He is the author of ‘Steve Jobs: The Journey is the Reward’ and co-author of ‘iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business’ — a book Apple banned from its retail stores because Jobs didn’t like the way he was portrayed. ‘It’s no longer the old game anymore,’ Young said. ‘And Steve’s at the peak of it. He’s got all the pieces.'”

“George Geis, a UCLA professor who has studied the evolution of entertainment and technology, thinks Jobs’ next major move might be technology to seamlessly move entertainment across home televisions and computers, iPods, cell phones and other devices. In all likelihood, Disney’s movies and shows will be the first to use it,” Keefe writes, “Geis thinks it could potentially be as big as the introduction of the iPod. ‘Sometime in the immediate run, maybe two or three years out, I think he’ll be able to create one big experiment … one big new thing … that if successful will forever change the [entertainment] business,’ Geis said. Other computer companies, such as Sony and Apple arch-rival Microsoft, are already pushing ‘media center’ PCs designed to be digital entertainment hubs for the home. But just like MP3 music players before Jobs introduced the iPod, they haven’t yet lived up to their potential.”

“While Microsoft and IBM were selling computers for business, Jobs and Apple were pushing a user-friendly computer for consumers.” Keefe writes, “As computers became a vital part of business, Microsoft benefited while Apple lagged. Even now, it controls less than 5 percent of the PC market. But as computers and related devices become vital to home and mobile entertainment, Apple and Jobs’ bet on consumers may be starting to pay off. ‘The tables are turning’ in Apple’s favor, said analyst Leigh… Now that Jobs is the biggest shareholder in Disney and Lasseter and Catmull are calling the shots at Disney’s animation business, Jobs has both the first and second greatest animation studios in his grasp. And maybe, the rest of the new world of entertainment as well.”

Full article with much more here.

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  1. People who couldn’t wait to show Jobs under the bus previously now praise him endlessly. Everything in moderation. We shall see if “Apple CEO Steve Jobs has all the pieces of new entertainment world in his grasp” won’t we?

    MW: Trouble, Uh, Oh

  2. Hear about Gateway dying right?

    Well Micheal Dell was asked if he ran Gateway what would he do?

    “I would butcher the cow and have a barbaque for the shareholders”

    (you know cow boxes, haha)

  3. Wow, someone who finally understands Apple and Steve Jobs’ long term potential.. Now, if only some of these dimwit analysts and investors would stop acting like day-traders.

  4. Man, I’m beginning to think it was better for Apple when nobody gave them half a chance at anything but dying. At least that way they were able to fly under the radar a little bit and sneak up on people. With such grandiose expectations as these it seems as though they’d better come through or else everyone will consider them a failure.

  5. Okay, which one do you think is the first and which is the second greatest animation studio? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Steve Jobs’ name will definately be placed in the world historical book after this generation.

    Great People in History
    Abraham Lincoln
    Thomas Edision
    Albert Eistein
    Homer Simpson

    Steve Jobs

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