Columnist who blamed Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes responds

“Well, that was interesting. I just thought I’d try to bask a little longer in the afterglow of yesterday’s firestorm over my simple declaration that my wife and I had a hard time getting an Apple product up and running with anywhere near the simplicity that lore would have them possess,” Steve Johnson writes for The Chicago Tribune. “I managed to post more than 180 comments and there were another 80 or so that were either too obscene, too repetitive or just plain too many to put up before I turned off the ‘comments’ feature. I’ll attempt to summarize and respond to the main threads of the, um, conversation.”

Full article here.
A weak response from an “Internet critic” who still doesn’t understand the reason why he had an issue and who would do better in the future by sticking to critiquing the Internet and leaving the product criticisms to those who possess at least basic tech knowledge.

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Columnist blames Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes – February 08, 2006


  1. It’s a shame though the guy now thinks all Mac users are a-holes. Nevermind the fact that it’s not a Mac he is getting fired up about, it still goes as a black eye against mac users.

  2. Just another newspaper stunt to see if anyones tuned in to their useless drivel.

    I hope the response from the Mac Universe took their email server out.

    Mac users are not A-holes. We’re sensitive folks who don’t like our favorite toys bashed by some numb-nut idiot. Perhaps he’ll think twice before inciting another email riot by publicly admitting he’s a dumb f@%K with a lousey PC and somehow that makes it ok to low crawl Apple software.

    He ought to know the PC drill by now, erase your hard disk, do a clean install of Windows, then do all your service pack updates, then install iTunes.

    Damn, still didn’t work, driver conflict with the Creative Soundblaster Card.

  3. I believe and have written it many times, columnists write articles like this, offending Apple users, cultist or whatever, just so they get people to come to the site and read their articles.

    Simple premise I think. His article site gets outrageous amount of hits, as does the main site. He gets to tell his editor look how well my column is doing, “I get so many hits” etc..

    I really feel Apple users should not read the columns, or at least not email the writer or post comments. We’re only helping these people in the long run.

    They only write these articles to get the response they have. And Apple people fall for it every tiime.

    And by the way I read his response to the comments, and this guy is a very weak writer IMO. It’s truly amazing how a “tech” writer can purchase an iPod fully aware it doesn’t have a radio, and then write a column critical of the company. That’s what makes this particular writer so weak in his profession.

    Write about Apple just to get attention to a columnist who most likely has a tiny, tiny readership. No he feels like a big shot.And Apple users helped him.

    Ignore these “writers” folks.

  4. Mac user is passionate. A lot of third class hungry writers know that. It is a tried and true phish tactic they employ to get hits. This stupid moron not only insult his wife’s intelligent his own, his chief editor’s and degraded the standard of “journalism”. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY RESPONSE!!!!

  5. As predicted all the Apple fanatics gave him all the firepower he needed to make good points AGAINST Apple. But, people are idiots, and fanatics will always hurt the cause they hold onto so dearly, wether it’s Apple, or crazy Liberals, die hard Conservatives, Muslim extremists, or Fundamentalist stamp collectors.

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