Columnist who blamed Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes responds

“Well, that was interesting. I just thought I’d try to bask a little longer in the afterglow of yesterday’s firestorm over my simple declaration that my wife and I had a hard time getting an Apple product up and running with anywhere near the simplicity that lore would have them possess,” Steve Johnson writes for The Chicago Tribune. “I managed to post more than 180 comments and there were another 80 or so that were either too obscene, too repetitive or just plain too many to put up before I turned off the ‘comments’ feature. I’ll attempt to summarize and respond to the main threads of the, um, conversation.”

Full article here.
A weak response from an “Internet critic” who still doesn’t understand the reason why he had an issue and who would do better in the future by sticking to critiquing the Internet and leaving the product criticisms to those who possess at least basic tech knowledge.

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Columnist blames Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes – February 08, 2006


  1. I actually enjoyed it. It was pretty funny and spot on about people being maniacs unnecessarily. Honey or vinegar, guys and gals. Try insulting someone on a first date and see how far that gets you. I’ll do like to vent on these threads usually in sarcasm but that’s entirely different than some of the bizarre and sinister lashes on that guy’s talkback. I agree with Macromancer.

  2. G Spank: I’ve notified the Holy Order of Worldwide Philatelists of your blasphemy. Expect the glue on the stamps of all the bills you just mailed to mysteriously evaporate. You have been warned.

  3. Macromancer wrote: “It’s a shame though the guy now thinks all Mac users are a-holes.”

    He fscking thought we were “cultists” from the get go, so who cares what the moron thinks of us now? He got what he deserved. Let the stupid fsck keep banging away on his Gateway, getting crippled by malware, having zero concept of iLife or Mac OS X, and passing viruses onto his retarded wife and dull friends.

  4. Since he brought it up, the Ask Marilyn column is somewhat devious, as Parade magazine bills her as being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the world’s highest IQ, and failing to mention as a teenager. Her answers suggest a significant loss of intelligence since then, presumably from having children. Just sayin’…

  5. Plan implemented.

    Plan concluded.

    Results achieved.


  6. I, uh, actually think he has a point. Out of all of the Windows installations onto which a PC user attempts to install iTunes, there have always been a small-but-sizable number of reports of problems. So he had a problem too. So? You think no Mac user has ever had a problem installing iTunes? Get real, cultists.

    Let’s all ‘fess up and come clean. The guy wasn’t trolling for hits, he was relating an experience. Stop screaming conspiracy with every other breath.

  7. Evil_MS_User: he was relating an experience.

    Then the jagoff didn’t need to start off with “cultists”, he should have said, “I was was of the unfortunate but tiny number of people who had difficulty.”

  8. OMG, I’m agreeing with the Evil_MS_User. It’s armageddon. We’re talking real fire and brimstone here! Dogs and cats sleeping together! End of the world stuff! Next thing you know Apple’s gonna ditch the PowerPC for Intel. Oh wait. Never mind.

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