Adding TV shows to Apple’s iPod as smooth as ‘butter’

“Watching television on a 2 1/2 -inch video screen seems as strangely satisfying to me as watching shows on a 61-inch screen. That’s the effect the new video iPod had on me. I just have to stop running into people while walking down the street with it,” Vince Horiuchi writes for The Salt Lake Tribune. “I got the iPod recently, and being the TV whore that I am, the first thing I did was load TV programs on to it, not music. And as Apple guru Steve Jobs would say, the experience was as smooth as ‘butter.’ Well, for the most part.”

“Last week, Apple chief executive Jobs said 8 million videos have been sold through its iTunes Music Store since the video iPod was introduced Oct. 12. What Jobs once stated would never be a part of his iPod – video – is now becoming a major force for Apple and has involved big deals with NBC, ABC and music video producers. You can now download episodes of “The Office,” “Commander in Chief” and old “Saturday Night Live” sketches from iTunes for $1.99 per episode as well as video podcasts and music videos,” Horiuchi writes.

“But how easy is it to get ‘Lost’ on that little fifth generation iPod? As easy as 1, 2, 3. Turn on iTunes, click on the video you want to watch and wait for the download. Then plug your iPod into your computer to automatically transfer the file. The video is already formatted to play on the iPod, so there is no need to convert it first. The video is crisp and the sound is clear. You also can plug it into a television (with a set of $30 cables you have to buy separately) and use the iPod like a portable VCR,” Horiuchi writes. “There are hiccups, however, because the iTunes software is a little clunky at times. For example, you can’t sync more than one iPod to the software for people with separate playlists, and you can’t make separate folders for different types of shows, like having a ‘Sopranos, Season One’ category.”

Full article here.
You can do the things about which Horiuchi complains. See Apple’s suport document How to use multiple iPods with one computer and simply create a Playlist (or a Smart Playlist) for ‘Sopranos, Season One’ and so on to create “folders” for different types of shows. More info here:

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  1. Until now, I’m still not a big fan of watching 30mins show on a 2 1/2 -inch screen.

    As long as others enjoy it, why border? Go for i, Apple

  2. The apparent screen size of my iPod video at crooked-elbow distance is actually bigger than watching the main TV 10′ away.

    Mind you, the ‘main TV’ is only a Sony 14″…

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  3. It does make you think that all journalist should place a disclaimer somewhere in their articles.

    ‘The author couldn’t be arsed to work out some of the functionality reviewed for the device in question and as such cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions contained within’

    ‘respect’ – as in nuff

  4. It’s so stupid. They didn’t know how to do something, instead of seeing if you could by checking help or researching, they just said it couldn’t be done. As a writer and a user surely it would have helped them to learn how to do something, or indeed if it definitely couldn’t? In this instance it could have, but in general they could just say: “I couldn’t do such and such but upon checking discovered that by following a particular procedure it can be achieved”, they could even apend a disclaimer that upon learning how to do it that it could be easier or whatever. To just be wrong and seemingly have not checked is of no use to anyone.

  5. And this suprises you?

    People don’t discover multi-button mice since 1984!

    People mouse everything. “You mean there is a keyboard combination for shutting down? For cutting and pasting? WHAT’S COPY?

    Where is the clipboard on my hard drive?


  6. I have to admit I am continually amazed by H.264. I downloaded the Rose Bowl highlights and played them in full screen mode on my 20″ widescreen(1680×1050) and the picture looks good from about 3 feet away. Looks better than broadcast television. I’m now in the process of copying all my Seinfeld, Arrested Development, The Simpsons, and Firefly DVD’s over to my PowerMac using Handbrake. I’m encoding in H.264 320×240 at 500kb/s. Looks great on the computer at double size. Each episode of Seinfeld is running about 100MB in size. My goal is to have every DVD I own on my home network. This way, the DVD’s will stay protected and when I get my Intel based Mac mini hooked up to my TV and stereo in the den, we’ll be able to use Front Row to watch movies our DVD’s over the network.

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