Google takes dead aim at Apple and Microsoft

“Today, search-engine giant Google will all but declare war on Apple and Microsoft,” Jake Tapper reports for ABC News. “At the computer industry’s largest trade show going on right now in Las Vegas, ABC News has learned that Google co-founder Larry Page will roll the dice and announce two huge developments. One takes a direct shot at Apple’s iTunes: Google will begin to sell videos from the National Basketball Association, CBS and other major content providers, as first reported Thursday in The Wall Street Journal.”

“The other: ‘Google Pack,’ a new downloadable bundle of software that includes Google Maps but also RealVideo and antivirus software, will compete with industry giant Microsoft,” Tapper reports.

Full article here.
Scant information. We will follow up with addition reports as more info becomes available.

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  1. So frickin what. The thing is, that Apple has mindshare, and a well known system that works with iPods.

    The more companies that come into play with video and music services, the more diluted and confusing it becomes for consumers, the more they will stick with what they know.

  2. Google will sell video, Apple will sell video, Yahoo will sell video, M$ will sell video…there’s no news here. The real news is that Apple is the only one who has a compelling portable device on which to sell that video. They will also sell video that never goes on the iPod, but that market will always be crowded. As long as they keep the portable video market, they’re in for a great year. And who knows, maybe they’ll be a leader in selling videos that never get to an iPod. Next week will offer many clues for that.
    Google’s aim at MS will do nothing but help Apple. MS will be forced to recognize that the OS is not the chokehold it once was. Devices and quality of software will win out. And Apple is looking stronger and stronger each day.
    I think Intel was the best partner they could have chosen…it further blurs the OS position in the food chain.

    my .02

  3. I’m of the opinion that he has been fed some bad info. Google selling videos does not make a lot of sense, and Google Maps? No, maybe Google Earth if anything… and antivirus software? Why would Google want to get into that particular market? It’s the scummiest one in the industry.

    Google is sure to unveil important new products, but not these, and not a Google PC.

  4. Why do people think that just because the (latest) iPod can play video, that now *everything* must be watched on an iPod? The number of people with video-capable iPods is still infinitesimally small compared to those who have TV’s and computers with much larger screens.

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