Report: Adobe to take on Apple’s Aperture with new ‘LightRoom’ application for Mac OS X

“Refusing to stand idle while Apple Computer woos digital photographers with its new Aperture post production tool for working with RAW images, Adobe Systems next week will unveil a similar piece of software designed to lure back its professional audience. Sources familiar with the company’s plans say Adobe will preview the application, dubbed LightRoom, for the first time during next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. A finalized version of the application is not expected to ship until sometime later in the year. Designed as a virtual light-box and photographer’s companion, the initial version of LightRoom is expected to support approximately 100 digital cameras and their corresponding RAW file formats. It will reportedly boast a feature set similar to Apple’s Aperture, including basic color correction and photo enhancement tools… Initially, LightRoom will be released only for the Mac. However, sources say a PC version is in the works,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “While Adobe has yet to set a release date or pricing information for LightRoom, the company plans to offer the application as a free beta in an effort to widen distribution.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “macnut222” for the link.]

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  1. Wow! A competing Mac application! Now this kind of competition I like!! Such a refreshing change from the “competition” of Windows-only apps.

    Bring it on, Adobe! Whoever’s left standing, Mac users win!

  2. Competition is good. Competition for Mac only apps is great. I hope we start to see some more apps debut on the Mac first with a ‘PC port” coming later….

  3. personally, i think this is great news. Apple needs competition to ensure their software quality is top-notch, thus they fall into the microsoft trap of mediocrity.

    i can’t wait to see what adobe comes out with and test the 2 apps side by side!

  4. Adobe should offer this add-on to Photoshop users FREE!

    This might help to make up for the aging clunky PhoShop interface or the gouging of us who bought into Image-Ready only to watch it be hung off Photoshops ass like a loose thong.

    This once, staunch supporter of Adobe products, finds little to love about the company and my only current license is Photoshop.

    Please Apple, do it, make a dynamite app that hits Adobe over the head, HARD!

    For years Apple has had to live in fear of Adobe withdrawing support from the Mac platform. Photoshop has been a critical app for the Mac.

    Rosetta has more tricks than just putting Mac OS on Intel!

  5. Why should we offer it as a free addition to Photoshop? Aperture’s certianly not free. We just have to sell it for a significantly lower amount than $499 Apple charges for Apperture.

    That’s a lot of wiggle room! Especially for a skinny guy like me!

    Dr. Brown

  6. “Apple needs competition to ensure their software quality is top-notch, thus they fall into the microsoft trap of mediocrity.”

    Actually, all they need is Steve, or at least someone with Steve’s penchant for excellence.

    I don’t see any [Mac] competition for iLife, yet it continues to improve.

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