Microsoft developing Microsoft-branded competitor to Apple iPod?

“SG Cowen reiterated a positive investment opinion on Microsoft, citing increased confidence in the company’s revenue acceleration in fiscal 2006 and 2007. ‘We see upside relative to the market of 15% or more over the next six to 12 months,’ SG Cowen analyst Drew Brosseau wrote in a note to investors,” David Ng reports for Forbes.

“The research firm said Microsoft’s revenue is poised to accelerate starting in the December quarter on the back of two key product cycles, the Xbox 360 and SQL Server 2005,” Ng reports.

Ng reports, “SG Cowen added that Microsoft could be developing a branded competitor to the Apple Computer iPod.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “heymike” for the link.]
PlaysForS–t? If true, one has to wonder how Microsoft’s loyal WMA-supporting “partners” like Creative, iRiver, Sony, Archos, etc. would react to the news. And, even if released tomorrow, wouldn’t such a product from Microsoft be way too late in the game?

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  1. “Could” be developing. Wow. Way to go out on a limb, there.

    I “could” be developing colitis right now, too. Or I “could” be developing some film in my darkroom (remember those?).

    Or I “could” not be giving a shit what Microsoft’s doing in this market space, because as MDN has pointed out and as they say down in Texas: “Son, that dog won’t hunt.”

    This ship has sailed Microsoft. And we’re all better for it.

    Stick to your stupid soon-to-be-second-place XBOX crap.

  2. Second place? Pffft, the Xbox will always be first in my book in fire starting heat generation, #1 in crashes, and I’m quite sure will be the first game console to contract a virus.

  3. Microsoft could be developing a branded
    “competitor” to the Apple Computer iPod

    Cowen’s got to know his definitons right

    competitor- One that competes with another, as in sports or business; a rival.

    Since when has Microsoft been a Music rival?
    Maybe he meant this definition?

    competitor n : the contestant you hope to defeat;

    Change “hope to defeat” to “visciously slaughter” and you’ve got it. Hey since Microsoft
    loses money on xboxes and stuff, maybe actually gaining a percent or two in market share will actually drive them out of buisness?

  4. It’ll be LIVE when you try to recharge it; make sure you’re properly earthed. But this is something truly worth waiting for: just to see how many buttons the sucker will have; what formats it’ll handle; how much unnecessary information it’ll deliver (wmv-like); what’ll it be named…. Boy oh boy … I’m sallivating already. MDN should offer a prize (nano) for the poster who guesses the release name. My guess: “mBox.”

    As for S.G.Cowhen, this highly speculative piece is one reason why you should not pay them for advice since they apparently already get paid from the other end. Either that or they are culpable of reckless endangerment when it comes to your funds. It’s a cinch to figure it out: most analysts don’t move unless they are confirming an existing move … or have a “position.”

  5. LOL at the “Artist’s conception of the rumored Microsoft portable digital music player”

    Perhaps it would be even more realistic if it was shown catching the carpet on fire.

  6. The real question is why? Why can’t Apple be allowed to win this one for a change? Is it really knawing at the other tech companies a$$es that much that they are willing to pi$$ away money like that? Why do that when this whole iPod thing is just such a passing fad anyway?:) By the time M$ ships this platform it will all be over. No, M$ fix your friggin’ OS, that’s what really on your plate. You know, Apple is succsessfully taking your eye off the OS ball with this iPod phobia. And we’re all going to laugh our butts off when you strike out with both of these pipe dreams.

  7. When is Microsoft going to get through their thick collective skull that their “brand” is $#!+? The XBox has what little success it has in spite of the Microsoft brand, not because of it. The word “Microsoft” doesn’t evoke an image of cool. The image it evokes is of boring office software and an OS that people tolerate rather than enjoy.

  8. Why bother Microsoft…

    It doesn’t matter if someone develops another iPod like product, even if it is better than the iPod. Apple’s won this game.

    This is great. Apple is in the same position with the iPod, that Microsoft has been in with operating systems for the past 10 years.

    One big difference though… the iPod is a good product.

  9. I HOPE so, because THAT would be funny ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Someone on Spymac once made an even better mock-up of an MS iPod. This is all I could find:” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>link

    If anyone has the full size image, it’s hilarious.

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