Gartner: Ignore Microsoft Windows Vista until 2008 (why not just get Apple Mac OS X Tiger today?)

“Companies shouldn’t rush to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista, according to analysts at Gartner, who believe most could safely hold back until 2008,” Colin Barker reports for CNET News.

MacDailyNews Take: Why not hold back on Windows Vista forever, if you’re really concerned about doing things safely? Mac OS X. Zero viruses. No spyware, adware, or malware. Five years and counting.

Barker continues, “The majority of improvements in Vista, the update scheduled to arrive in 2006, will be security-related and most of this functionality ‘is available via third-party products today,’ Gartner analysts said in a research note published on Friday.”

MacDailyNews Take: You mean the security-related improvements in Vista don’t work either, just like the ones available for Windows today?

Barker continues, “While Vista will ‘offer incremental, evolutionary improvements’ over its predecessors, Windows XP users should ‘pursue a strategy of managed diversity,’ the analysts recommended. That means they should only bring in Vista on new machines and that not until 2008.”

MacDailyNews Take: Why not practice real diversity and bring on a rock-solid, secure, truly advanced operating system: Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger? Or do you really love the Registry that’ll still be in Vista so much?

Barker continues, “In its research note titled ‘Ten reasons you should and shouldn’t care about Microsoft’s Windows Vista client,’ Gartner highlighted some of the weaknesses in Microsoft’s platform strategy… [One] Vista feature that Microsoft is emphasizing is its search capabilities. ‘Search is slow in Windows XP, and files, e-mail and calendar objects cannot be found with a single search,’ according to the research paper. Though Microsoft has tried to remedy this in Vista, ‘competent third-party desktop tools are already available’ from companies like Google, Gartner pointed out.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger already contains “Spotlight” search technology bulit into the operating system. Why wait for 3-plus years to have what Mac users already have today? See Apple’s “Spotlight” in action via a QuickTime movie here.

Full article here.

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  1. Yeah, I agree Luke, but the gist of the article is pretty stunning… Don’t upgrade to Vista until 2008!

    Windows upgrades fuel the entire Dell-ish box stuffing culture. Smart people who use Windows (an oxymoron if ever there was one) know that it’s safer and more prudent to simply buy a new computer rather than wrestle with a Windows upgrade.

  2. ME: Ignore Microsoft– Period.

    Just not worth the wait (for anyone- buisness, consumer, third world country, etc.) while there are Macs that already do what Vista does plus much, MUCH more (not to mention how much better it is otherwise)

  3. Apple was planning to steal the thunder on the day of New Release VISTA. Apple wants to reveal its next Operating System.

    Biggest excitiment won’t happen until this day of new release Vista so Apple would wow us with Leopard’s next successor!

  4. MacDailyNews Take:
    You mean the security-related improvements in Vista don’t work either, just like the ones available for Windows today?

    No, I think they mean that the majority of Bitchta’s improvements are security related and available via third-party software for XP today. The rest of it consists of “evolutionary improvements”: some Apple-like eye-candy and Search, plus (I guess) the typical Microsoft planned incompatibilities; i.e.: XP+ or Longbone-

    As for watiting for 2008, the Gardener must be expecting that the first release will be a dog. MW: “picture” it:

    Bow-wow … barkbark … *choke* … cough … gurgle … fizzzz.

    CNET Comment
    I am the CEO of a techinical company that uses Windows, Linux,
    and Macs. While the Macs outnumber the Dells about 5 to 1, the
    amount of support is 7 times greater (money wise) for the Dells.
    Downtime ratio is infinite since we have no downtime on the
    Macs in four years.

  5. Oh for god’s sake, just get a Mac.

    How can an alleged “analyst” say all that and not arrive at the currently existing solution? Wait 4 years for what you can have today? Why oh why oh why? Where is the commersial logic?

    There’s also a BIG false assumption that security and virus threats decrease with time with a version of Windows, but of course history says otherwise. Waiting 3 years will just mean there’ll be tens of thousands more, and more sophisticated, Vista viruses in the wild.

    MDN Word: “Give” as in “give it up already”

  6. Why not practice real diversity and bring on a rock-solid, secure, truly advanced operating system: Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger? Or do you really love the Registry that’ll still be in Vista so much?

    Anyone else spot the dangling modifier?

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