Apple Store Gateway? Apple plans secret Salt Lake debut within two weeks

“In a move that showcases the state’s growing popularity as a site for retail expansion, Apple Computer plans to open within the next two weeks its first Utah store in downtown Salt Lake City’s Gateway shopping center,” Lesley Mitchell reports for The Salt Lake Tribune.

“Apple, which is counting on a dramatic grand opening, is not responding to any questions about the new store, which will carry computer hardware, software and related products such as iPods. But Gateway mall employees confirm the store, hidden behind tarp and wood barriers, will open sometime before the end of the month. Several of the company’s most avid fans believe opening day in Utah will be Nov. 25 – the day after Thanksgiving,” Mitchell reports. “‘Apple tends to be really secretive – it’s kind of like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,’ said Scott Bitter, partner with MacDocs in Salt Lake City, an Apple retailer and repair outlet. ‘They tend to keep things under wraps until the absolutely last minute. They like to be as dramatic as possible and really put on a show.'”

Full article here.

More info about Apple’s current roster of Apple Retail Stores here.

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Gateway, you know, the ones who “recommend Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional,” have zero retails stores left open, but Apple Store Gateway is on the way! Apple now has 128 stores open with today’s Apple Store Brea, CA grand opening celebration. If you’d tried to tell someone this would happen just a few years ago, they’d probably laugh in your face. See how quickly things can change?

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  1. Hmm this is going to be interesting effect on the Mormon population of Utah.

    A Apple/cult/church/Store opening in the epicenter of their religion/cult.

    The Apple Store can be a tremendous hit as they all look like churches, but on the other hand opening the Mormons mind to the wealth of information through the internet can be seen as a threat to the Mormon establishment.

    Well, I guess if one beleives a bunch of marlarky, they always will.

    MDN word: “Act” Like act now and toss your dated malfunctioning, virus innfected PC for a brand new PowerMac Quad.

    (help I’m trapped in a MDN cult)

  2. Yes Jake…

    Put a Top-Hat on Steve Jobs, give him a cane with an big apple logo, add a floppy hair style and Bingo!

    So, for all those who have seen the film (Willy Wonka) we now know what the inside of 1 Infinite Loop looks like. And Jonathan Ive is a Oompa Loompa… the secret is out.

    All we need now are 5 special edition iPods with a very special invitation included.

  3. MacDude:
    Um… I think us “Mormons” are quite aware of the Internet. Since Utah is in the top 5 states in the US with the most Internet connected households.

    Though I am excited for the Apple store, there is probably a dozen or so Mac shops in northern Utah as it is. So we know what Macs are… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I would guess that out of all the computer users in Utah 1 out of 10 use a Mac, and going up!

    Long live Apple!!!! (in Utah)

    MW: Pressure

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