Census figures explain why Apple avoids Gulf Coast states

“Is there some correlation between Apple’s retail store locations and figures released in Oct. 2005 on Internet use and computer ownership? Apparently so… The map below (see full article link) shows the just-released rankings (2003) by the Census Bureau for households with computer access, and households with a computer, as a percentage of the state’s population,” ifo Apple Store.com reports.

“As you can see, the Gulf Coast states are particularly indicative of some connection between Apple’s location decisions and computer/Internet use–four states rank at the very bottom of the 50 states and District of Columbia. New Mexico, West Virginia and South Carolina round out the bottom seven states. Oklahoma, the next lowest-ranked state, just opened an Apple store in September,” ,” ifo Apple Store.com reports.

Full article plus map here.

Apple’s retail stores list and info here.

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  1. Well, I live in New Mexico, and I can believe that we’re near the bottom of internet using states, but at the same time, there’s a massive Intel plant just 20 miles from my house, AOL has a big office here, Philips, heck, even Apple has a building here that does something. I certainly don’t expect Apple to build 10 stores in NM, but they could put one in Albuquerque. I’m sure Albuquerque has a very high percentage of the state’s internet usage, it’s just that most of the rest of the state is empty!The don’t refer to Albuquerque/Rio Rancho as “Silicon Mesa” for nothing!

  2. I love de southern states! No, I really do! All de raping and pillaging and looting . . . even by cops!! Yeh-heh-hehessss – good stuff!

    And really, it begs de question: If there had been an Apple store in de city, how many Macs and iPods do you think the New Orleans Police Department would have . . . “rescued”?

    Hey, come onnnnnn. I keed. I keed the pathetic.

  3. Wow, Apple opens stores in states where lots of people use computers.

    I think this guy might be on to something–what a clever fellow.

    I hear that hair weave stores often open in areas where there are lots of black people. Imagine that.

    And farm supply stores where there are….farmers.

    We don’t have a singe John Deere dealer in Center City Philadelphia. Must be the same idea.

  4. hmmm: To my understanding Apple is currently setting up a store in Salt Lake City Utah. The word on the street it will be open for this holiday season.

    Being a Utah resident, there is a lot of mom and pop Apple shops in Utah. Maybe the reason Apple wasn’t here first was because they would call foul if Apple moved in.

    Who knows. But I am going to be at the store opening as soon as I get wind of the day!

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