Analyst: Sony BMG’s boycott of Apple’s iTunes Music Store Australia won’t last long

Apple’s new iTunes Music Store Australia “offers more than 1 million songs from major and independent record labels as well as about 1000 music videos,” Julian Lee and David Higgins report for The Sydney Morning Herald. “Only one major record label – Sony BMG – has withheld its music catalog from the Apple store. That means acts such as Pete Murray, Alex Lloyd, Franz Ferdinand, Rogue Traders and Australian Idol artists Anthony Callea and Shannon Noll will not be available.”

Lee and Higgins report, “The global head of Apple iTunes, Eddie Cue, said in Sydney today that the advent of iTunes would spell the end of the CD in the not too distant future… Mr Cue declined to comment on Sony BMG’s decision to boycott iTunes. ‘But we know their artists want to get on it because we talk to them about it,’ he said.”

“While some Australian record companies might believe that internet music downloads pose a threat to their control over the industry, it may in fact prove to be their saviour by tapping into younger audiences and offering a viable alternative to music piracy, say internet analysts,” Lee and Higgins report. “‘There have already been surveys done showing that people who download music actually buy more CDs than those who don’t,’ said Robin Simpson, a research director at Gartner Australia. ‘There are an awful lot of frustrated ipod users in Australia that have been waiting for an iTunes store. If I was an Australian artist signed up with Sony BMG I would be jumping up and down to get my music onto iTunes, so I don’t think it will take long for the company to cave in,’ he added.”

Full article here.

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  1. Google News appears to be running it’s own boycott of the iTMS Australia press coverage. As of this posting at least, Google News has no viewable listing of the Australian iTMS in it’s Sci/Tech headlines on neither the Amercan website nor the Australian website. Not on the Google News front pages and not in the Sci/Tech sub-categories, either.

    What Google News does have in those locations however, are numerous headlines regarding lawsuits against Apple.

    I publicly accuse Google News of censorship.

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