Coles Myer to carry Apple iTunes Music Store Cards in Australia

Following today’s launch of the Australian version of Apple’s iTunes Music Store, Coles Myer announced their stores will be the over-the-counter destination to purchase iTunes Music Cards until 28 February 2006.

The Apple iTunes Music Store allows customers to legally download a range of electronic entertainment products. The online store features:
• Nearly 1.5 million music tracks
• over 1,000 music videos
• over 20,000 podcasts from around the world
• over 10,000 audiobooks
• A wide selection of ‘Pixar’ video shorts

The iTunes Music Cards offers pre-paid credit for the Apple iTunes Music Store, making them an easy and convenient way to pay for downloads. The cards are available at selected Coles Myer stores, and come in denominations of $20, $50 and $100.

Coles Myer’s Group General Manager Marketing and Customer Strategy Tom Lemke said the retailer was thrilled to be partnering with Apple. “This partnership with Apple reflects Coles Myer’s position as Australia’s leading iPod retailer, with the Myer department store group selling one in three iPods bought in Australia,” Mr Lemke said in a statement. “We expect the iTunes Music Cards will be one of our strongest selling products in coming weeks, particularly as we move into the Christmas gift buying season. We think they will prove especially popular with customers who may not ordinarily shop online, or those without credit access, as the cards allow customers to download material from the Apple iTunes Music Store without the need for a credit card.”

The iTunes Music Cards will be available from today until 28 February 2006 at the following Coles Myer brands: Myer, Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express ($20 & $50 cards only), Target, Kmart, BiLo, Megamart, Officeworks and Harris Technology.

Coles Myer operates around 2500 stores in Australia and New Zealand. More info:

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  1. couple of interesting points from the press release:

    – 1.5 million songs which is nearly half a million more tha apple is claiming.

    – only on sale until Feb 28, 2006? what happens after that? weird.

    – 1 in 3 aussie ipods being sold via myer, a bit hard ot believe given the huge distribution network they now have with apple store, apple resellers, harvey norman, dick smith, jb, etc

    – i have it on good authority that myer has a priority placement deal with apple which may explain why ipods are in such short supply elsewhere.

  2. i am happy to answer my own question…

    A spokesperson for Coles Myer said the deal with Apple means the cards will only be available from Coles Myer outlets, which include Megamart, Coles, Bi-Lo, and Kmart, until February 28 2006: “After that date the cards will become more widely available at other retailers. We will obviously continue to sell them but it wouldn’t be under and exclusive arrangement.”,2000061733,39218809,00.htm

  3. Great is it that iTunes Music Cards are avaliable at Coles Myer store.

    How easy will Christmas be buying for all my nieces and nephews who are all iPod mad (plus I normally have no idea what to buy them!).

    No more queues for me, I can do all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve in the checkout at Coles buying iTunes Music Cards! Well done Apple for making Christmas that little bit easier and good move you partnering with Coles Myer given the number of stores and accessibility… it’s just so easy!

  4. i didn’t even think of that pete. i used to buy my kids gift voucher so they could pick out there own clothes. i might buy them a myer gift voucher plus and itunes card – then they can get some music and some clothes.

    i just read the article darren linked to and it says they are also available at kmart, target and officeworks – i didn’t know coles myer owned those stores.

  5. Sandy – have a look at which shows all the gift cards you can buy at Coles Myer stores (lists which stores are included).

    Now I don’t know whether to get a iTunes Card or a Coles Myer Gift Card (the one you can use at all stores) for my relies. Good suggestion splitting the gift value and buying a card for each.

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