Stanford University puts hundreds of audio programs on Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“Stanford University-related audio programs are now available through Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes online music store, the school announced Thursday,” The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal reports. “Stanford on iTunes will give alumni and the general public free access to faculty lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Stanford students as well as podcasts of Stanford football games. Stanford said that the service will contain close to 400 distinct audio programs, and the university will continue to add new content as it becomes available.”

Full article here.

An example here.

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  1. That free part is interesting. Apple has now become a primary media distributer, not just repackaging material already packaged by a record label. This is similar to the Pixar deal in which Apple is distributing content that is otherwise not distributed.

    I can’t wait until Apple starts signing on artists and independent movie producers and distributing that kind of content

  2. I noticed the ‘Podcast’ name being used more and more like Kleanex or Xerox. So much for Bill and Monkey Boy changing the usage to ‘blogcast’.

    Fsking lamers.

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