Forrester Research: Apple-backed Blu-ray will win over Microsoft-backed HD DVD

“Two groups are competing for control of high-definition DVD formats to be launched in spring 2006. After a long and tedious run up to the launch, it is now clear to Forrester that the Sony-led Blu-ray format will win. But unless the HD-DVD group abandons the field, it will be another two years before consumers are confident enough of the winner to think about buying a new format DVD player. In the meantime, they will expand their video-on-demand (VOD), downloadable video, and Internet video habits,” Forrester Research’s Ted Schadler predicts.

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FYI: Blu-ray’s disks will hold at least 50 gigabytes and perhaps 100 gigs or more. HD DVD will start at 15 gigs, and top out at 45. The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is responsible for establishing format standards and promoting and further developing business opportunities for Blu-ray Disc — the next-generation optical disc for storing high-definition movies, photos and other digital content. The BDA has more than 130 members. Its Board of Directors consists of Apple Computer, Inc.; Dell Inc.; Hewlett Packard Company; Hitachi, Ltd.; LG Electronics Inc.; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Panasonic (Matsushita Electric); Pioneer Corporation; Royal Philips Electronics; Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; Sharp Corporation; Sony Corporation; TDK Corporation; Thomson; Twentieth Century Fox; and Walt Disney Pictures and Television. HD DVD’s list of backers includes such names as Microsoft, Toshiba, NEC, Viacom, NBC Universal, and Time Warner among others.

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  1. It figures that the M$ backed HD-DVD would be based on existing DVD technology, while other companies are spending their R&D dollars on developing the next generation standards and technologies. M$ is addicted to legacy programming, they long for the good ole’ days when anything they made was instantly an industry standard.

    good riddance M$…

  2. why does no one want to talk
    anymore about apple craptel?

    trust me, this is not something to fuzz over.
    the end
    is not near but this could spend the crippling effect
    of windows virus, malware, spyware, adware.

    is no one
    else worried>??

  3. “Apple backed…”

    Apple is just going along for the ride because the other choice is a M$ based format and most of Hollywood doesn’t like that idea one bit.

    HD-DVD is so crippling, it’s really just a small upgrade in storage compared to BR-DVD for only a slightly cheaper price. Eventually a higher standard will be needed regardless, so we should all go over to BR-DVD right away and get it over with.

    With BR-DVD we will be able to back up most of our boot drives to DVD again. Mine is currently around 74GB, way over HD-DVD specificiations.

  4. Microsoft doesnt care which format they use. they want to use HD-DVD because of the abliity to move the data that is copy protected OFF of the media. Aparently BLU-RAY has a more difficult DRM situtation and will not allow the end user to take the content off the disc. This article is way too biased. People need to research the situtation before they just throw out somthing that has Microsofts name on it.

  5. “the crippling effect
    of windows virus, malware, spyware, adware.”

    Lisa, isn’t this a operating system issue and not a processor issue?

    Apple computers will still run OSX when they switch to Intel.

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