Elgato CEO to head Apple Germany

“Apple Computer has tapped the head of EyeTV maker Elgato Systems to head its German subsidiary. Freddie Geier plans to leave his post as Elgato chief executive at the end of the month to join Apple as managing director of Apple Germany, Elgato said in a statement Tuesday,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “‘Apple Germany is going to be led by a true entrepreneur; we congratulate them, and we’re very happy for Freddie,’ Elgato President Markus Fest said in a statement. Elgato said the company ‘will continue to operate under the leadership’ of Fest, who is also Elgato’s founder. Elgato is best known for its EyeTV line of products which adds TiVo-like functions to the Macintosh.”

“The hiring marks a return to Apple for Geier, who has headed Elgato since July 2003. Prior to joining Elgato, Geier was a senior director of business development for Apple in California and also was a general manager for Astarte, the company that created the CD burning application Toast,” Fried reports.

Full article here.

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  1. didn’t someone post the other day that the smartest thing Apple could do was snap up eyetv? Is this a prelude, or an opening move of that exact strategy?

    MDN word is Firm, as in I have a firm belief in the long term viability of Apple.

  2. This is major foreshadowing in the story of “Steve Jobs and The Digital Hub”.

    Since Elgato is a privately held company, they could do anything, including enter into a material agreement to co-develop a Mac mini with eyeTV and Front Row built in, without any regulatory filings. Further, they could do that same thing with a clause that at product release at MacWord SF 2006 (where Elgato’s US HQ is), they agree to be purchased by Apple for an all cash transaction.

    This is no coincidence. No way Elgato’s CEO would jump ship right when the market is warming up. He knows Apple and Steve and he is going to run things in Germany where he likes it while the Eye TV crew moves to 1 Infinite Loop.

    MDN word: program

  3. Hire em, Let them go… RE-Hire em to help make a big change……. hmmm why does that sound so familiar..

    I figured it out! Apple is not a IT company.. They are just firm believers in hiring talented people.. firing them and then RE-hiring them after they have done their side projects to proove their technology.

    Steve jobs: fired. Created neXT .. re hired…
    Freddie: let go/quit/fired. Created Elgato .. re hired…

    So instead of just plain out copying software/ideas from other companies (like how M$ does it) .. Apple hires these people.. gives them money and a name in the business world, lets them go (fires them) to provide a proof of concept in the world ( via their own company ) and then re-Hires them, indirectly copying their ideas and technology..

    Its brilliant I tell you! I can see the slogan now.

    APPLE innovations: All the glory none of the hatred…

    Another case solved by the great Music Label Executive-ANON

  4. Interesting.

    Top dogs going to Apple and Google and running like hell from M$FT like Bill and Monkey Boy cut the cheese.

    Very, very interesting.
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  5. anyone ever hear of a software company called Sonic Foundry? Makers of Sound Forge, ACID and Vegas?

    When they folded and got bought out by Sony, the creator of ACID went to work with Apple and GarageBand was born!

    These kinds of moves can only bring wonderful things to Mac users.

  6. See I told you, Apple isn’t going to buy Elgato, there is little need for it as Apple can do it all themselves and better.

    The writing is on the wall for Elgato, with M$ and Apple both developing media PC’s and the new HDCP copy protection coming in all new Intel chips combined with the US switching over to digital TV and HDCP encrypted content by 2007-2008 there will be a eventual shrinking of Elgato as a company.

    Hollywood won’t license the HDCP (and the chip needed) to Elgato or anyone else unless they can guarranty content protection right to the monitor. M$ and Apple will be providing their own DRM schemes directly to their monitors or might even share a common neutral DRM scheme.

    Since Elgato is fighting Hollywood with the EFF against such things as the broadcast flag (reguiring a license chip for watching “free” HDTV!) I doubt they would license them anything anyway.

    This demand by Hollywood for stringent copy protection is really a pain in the butt, but eventually all copy protection schemes are broken and “black boxes” will soon appear allowing us to again descramble, record, burn etc., HD content.

    If you want to prepare, get yourself a dual or dual dual core PowerMac G5 and a couple of EyeTV 500’s now, this way when the “black boxes” arrive it’s a simple matter to insert the black box between the cable box and the EyeTV 500 and do with all HD content as you like. The black box acts like a authorized “HDTV” sending the proper signals to the cable box.

    Elgato won’t be able to provide a future product since the new MacTels will be media PC’s and there will be no market for them. If the broadcast flag gets enacted in Congress, Elgato can’t sell the EyeTv 500 anymore, although you can buy one used and “grandfather” in your present EyeTv 500.

    HDCP is incredibly difficult DRM to crack for pay TV, the content is always randomly scrambled even on the hard drive and can expire by itself, like cable boxes do now.

    The broadcast flag is a “listen” DRM scheme and a rather weak DRM scheme designed to protect only “free HDTV” but provides Hollywood licensing power, it can be cracked with future software but will add considerable time to watching and recording “free” content on computers.

    To read more look at the EFF site and search for HDCP

  7. Deutschland bound you really don’t know what you are talking about – the Mac is growing faster in Germany than in most countries on the planet. Every day I see more powerbooks in cafes and bars there, the user groups are flourishing, tons of talented developers who develop only for the mac. A couple of years ago I was in a train there, in the bar car using my powerbook. In three consecutive cities someone came to the bar car toting a brand new powerbook still in the box! Within minutes I had us all on a wireless network just to see how easy that is to do, and none of the three needed my help setting up, because all three had been using friends’ macs until they bought their own. Every time I am there, which is relatively often, I see more and more macs everywhere I look. Just like in the US, they don’t need to advertise – People, especially Germans, recognize quality and excellent engineering and it is paying off in spades there! Just my 2 cents!

  8. In response to Deutchland Bound,


    As you point out Apple are not so well known in Germany particularly in regards to iTunes and the Store.

    The only thing is when I was there visiting my cousins in Hamburg, not recently mind, I was surrounded by Mac users including my cousin who is a graphic designer, her friends were all Mac users too, even at a bar run by Mac users even her father, my uncle, now a retired Nuclear Physicist uses Mac’s at home and when he worked too.

    Okay maybe family doesn’t indicate how well Apple is doing in Europes biggest ecnomy and that by definition is why Geier is to head over to Germany.

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