Apple digital camera coming as soon as tomorrow?

Apple is scheduled to hold a special media event tomorrow on the eve of PhotoPlus Expo.

“This being the PhotoPlus Expo, one would think along the lines of photography or a Pro announcement when contemplating Apple’s next move. While I do believe that Apple will be bumping the Power Mac and portable lines, I also think there will be a new product announcement. While esteemed colleagues around the Mac web are leaning towards software, my mind is thinking more along the lines of hardware; I predict that Apple is going to come out with a digital still camera. Not just any digital still camera mind you, but one that is completely integrated with the recent products to come out of Cupertino,” michaelangelo writes for AppleXnet.

“What would the specs on this camera be? No clue, to be honest. If Apple was to do it, it is doubtful they would go low-brow. It should be at least 5 megapixels, have 64MB of built-in storage, and the iPod nano rechargeable battery. An 8x optical zoom with a 12x digital zoom would round it out nicely,” michaelangelo writes. “While there is no way to tell if Apple really is coming out with this product until tomorrow, I would not be completely surprised to see it. Every product lately has been an extension of the digital lifestyle on which Apple has a stranglehold, and this product would be a logical extension of that. If asked for the odds of this happening I would say that they are decent. Keep an eye out for it, because if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it may happen soon.”

This article is speculation, as the author states, but it is an interesting read. Full article here.

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  1. Apple cameras? No way.. why would Apple bother with a market that is well-served with excellent products which work well and already integrate seamlessly with iPhoto? It is not a market in which it can gain a distinct and obvious advantage, which has been Apple’s strategy to-date.

  2. I doubt it, Apple already tried this market out in the 90’s. And that was when the Camera Market had 0 expectations, it’s much more cut throat now.

    The camera must always be as small as possible with the most megapixels available, I don’t think apple has the time to allocate a project like this.

    But that’s just me.

  3. that would be cool if it happened. but all these innovations one would have tothink what they are goign to put into the ipod next…
    we have music, photos, calendars, movies…. i bet the next thing will be bluetooth and perhaps internet capabilities…

    i doubt they will put a am/fm radio in there. that pretty much defeats the whole podcast phenomenon… anyones thoughts?

  4. imho, this guy’s way out on a limb on the off chance that he predicts the unpredictable and get’s it right … then he’ll be the famous Apple prognosticator

    my predictions … New PowerMac (only 1 truly new model), new PowerBook (again, only the top end vastly improved), and iPhoto Pro

  5. The only advantage apple would have in bringing a camera to market is connectivity to ipods built in. any other camera can do it but it requires a 20 dollar adaptor. that doesn’t seem like a big enough advantage to apple.

    the digital camera market is well served already. current models are easy to use, offer good features and resolutions that are approaching and surpassing film. i would bet most people can’t even tell the difference between a 5 megapixel photo and a 10 megapixel photo without zooming in.

    I just don’t see any point to it. Unless they stop working on iPhoto’s compatibility with all other manufacturers, in which case I would be so goddam pissed off I might go to linux. It would be totally sneaky and underhanded. iPhoto, and the mac, are sold as solutions to my digital lifestlye, if that solution broke there would be a revolt.

  6. Tomorrow is meant to be a pro event. A digital camera with a built in lens is a consumer device. Canon, Nikon, et al have excellent digital SLRs for the pro market that work well, are reasonably priced, and integrate well with other products.

    For the “photography related announcement”, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a pro version of iPhoto on the software side. For hardware, I predict (hope for) a line of cables and a software update for iPods that will allow digital cameras to download to iPods in the field. That would simplify existing solutions, appeal to professionals, and increase sales of iPods. Seems a very Apple thing.

    MW “too”: I can make wild guesses, too.

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