Apple and Disney usher in new media era

“Walt Disney and Apple Computer are to sell episodes of Desperate Housewives and other television shows over an iPod device capable of playing video,” Richard Waters, Joshua Chaffin and Paul Taylor report for The Financial Times. “The companies made the announcement on Wednesday at an unveiling of the video iPod in Silicon Valley. The device, to go on sale next week, features a 2½in colour screen and can hold up to 150 hours of video as well as music and photos.”

“The agreement marks a potential milestone in the migration of traditional media to digital distribution devices such as the iPod. It is a development that could further challenge the traditional model of broadcast television and allow consumers to view television, films and other content when and where they choose,” Waters, Chaffin and Taylor report. “It also represents the first bold move by Robert Iger since he took over as chief executive of Disney on October 1, and demonstrates his vision of using technology to increase sales of the company’s prized television and film content. ‘For the first time ever, prime-time shows can be purchased online the day after they appear on TV,’ he said.”

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  1. While this is initially for ABC’s hit shows, I hope that someone sees the potential to do this with older programs. I would love to buy entire seasons of shows not available on DVD yet. It would be better than watching old VHS tapes with dropout everywhere.

    Here’s a cheer for Apple being the innovator once again ! Don’t disappoint me !

  2. I can’t wait until more and more programming is available, but obviously this is a “test” and we’ll see how the public responds to the service.

    MW: position, as in Apple is in a great position!

  3. ‘For the first time ever, prime-time shows can be purchased online the day after they appear on TV,’

    Brilliant, pay for free TV shows and watch those programs on a 2″ screen. Where’s the line one stands in to get in on this action.


  4. bjr,

    All videos (including ad-free TV shows) purchased from iTMS can be watched on whatever size screen you desire, not just iPods. iPods can also output to any size screen you so desire. Do you really not understand these facts or do you have another agenda?

  5. bjr- Then you go and buy the box set after the show is off the air years later. Idiot. Think about buying things you have seen before like your DVD collection isnt all new movies, or stuff you have never seen before. Oh, but of course you dont buy anything twice so once you have seen it once you are through. The point is all the shows that I have on DVD like Magnum P.I., The Chappelle Show, Family Guy, and the Simpsons would have been descent buys for the episodes I wanted at a reasonable rate. I am sure this will lead to boxed sets being sold, similiar to the way albums are sold on iTunes. Think first then respond. Peace

  6. As the blurb suggests, I really think that with the new leadership of Disney under president/CEO Robert Iger, Steve & his companies are now better able to do business with the Big Mouse. Hopefully the relationship can open up doors for Apple to gain further acceptance of its standards by the media and entertainment industries. That would really piss off M$ and its hardware partners.

  7. For cheap, these shows are not cheap, since you could record them yourselves. Or buy a whole season of shows for about $20; $20 only gets you 10 episodes via iTunes.

    But for convenience and spontaneity, this is it. For those who value this, then $2 might not be too much. Plus you could just buy the episodes you want.

    It’s the same deal as music, albums vs. singles, and CDs.

    Now how does QVGA resolution look on a 27″ or larger TV screen?

  8. when SJ asked what the best show was.. i thought..


    ‘whats the number 2 show’


    Oh.. LOST… it has some twit from LOTR.. i see..

    Anyway.. this is going to encourage other networks to repurpose their content..

    The BBC perhaps? NBC??

    Man.. SJ is taking over the world.. damn..

    PS. Investors don’t get it haha

  9. I’m hoping ESPN jumps on board with some video podcasts. Maybe a subscription model to a customized Sportcenter downloaded every evening with the team/sport highlights you want … commercial free.

  10. I hope HBO gets on the bandwagon with Apple iTunes. I would love to buy episodes of the great Curb Your Enthusiasm or Sopranos or 6 ‘ Under or Bill Maher. My African-American friend thinks this would be as ‘cool as the other side of the pillow’. For me, it would just be plain ‘tight’ or ‘fresh’. 10 years ago i would have said this idea is ‘jiggy’.

  11. “Idiot”

    The hell you say. I don’t watch TV programs. Based on your hostel and personal remark, its a good thing I don’t, otherwise I’d be as angry as yourself. My comment is a sarcastic observation on TECHNOLOGY. Please try using your first name or even your initials instead of hiding behind an adjective.


  12. That’s “hostile” but who cares anyway. Hey my name is Timothy Wells come visit me anytime.
    I love dialogue amongst enlightened minds. I dont try to offend with my comments, I just think it is an idiotic statement to assume that people are only going to line up an pay for things without thought or merit. I believe it will open up options to pay for what you want and use, for your computer and iPod.

  13. I’ve seen some really funny bits on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that I’d certainly pony up two bucks for the next day to be able to have it on my computer. The appealing thing is being able to take some episodes with me to show my parents or friends that don’t watch the show.

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