Proof of ‘iPod Video’ from Apple web page?

“An Apple web page that was readable for few hours (and now is offline) may prove that an iPod Video is imminent,” Macity reports. “During past night, between Thursday and Friday (CET), one of Apple’s localized websites has shown for few hours a trace of the things to come next Wednesday… A link was active that night and it was related to South African Apple website. The URL (now offline, or re-directing to this iTunes page) [showed] two ad movies about iPod Video.”

Full article with images here.

“Apple Computer is expected to unveil a new video-enabled iPod device during a press conference next week. The computer company hasn’t officially confirmed the rumors, though many reports are predicting that Apple will launch a first-generation iPod capable of playing video. “If a video iPod is introduced, we would expect new iTunes video content would also be incorporated in the announcement,” Piper Jaffray said in a recent note. The date of Apple’s press conference is set for Wednesday, Oct. 12,” Forbes reports. Full article here.

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  1. Even if it were true, which it’s not, it would be “iPod video.” The “v” would be lower case not upper case. Pretty simple. The new iPod that will be released in Wednesday will simply be redesigned to look more like the nano and use the Apple designed and manufactured click wheel. Although, the idea of an Airport Express that will link to your TV and is very exciting. I’ll buy one of those.

  2. Yes, PLEASE let it be Wednesday for chrissakes already!

    I’m so sick of hearing about the mythical video iPod…

    Enough already!

    It’s updated PowerBooks, G5 and Generation 5 iPod. MAYBE some other consumer level device, but that’s doubtful.

    I just hope all the stockmarket ANALysts and speculators won’t flip out when Apple doesn’t release what THEY want. it’ll be like the olden days when Mac freaks (like me) would get pissed off when their fantasy Mac failed to appear.

  3. I hate to add fuel to the fire, but here goes. I work for a memory card company (who shall rename nameless) that has suddenly found itself short on NAND flash memory. The issue was addressed by one of our executives who, in a company-wide email, stated that supply would be getting increasing scarcer from Samsung because Apple is readying an iPod with video for next week. So there you go.

  4. This is how bogus, misleading and BS stories get passed out then recirculated over and over. A feeding frenzy. It is amazing that even the “regular” media has picked up on all this and is reporting it as true. The special event is nothing more than the announcement that special cases for the nano are now available to protect against all those scratches that mysteriously multiply for no good reason.

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