What’s coming from Apple?  iPod video device? A new Mac lineup? Something else?

“The Mac faithful are sure Steve Jobs has something big to announce on Oct. 12,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek. “An iPod video device? Maybe a new Mac lineup? Both? …As is often the case with Apple product announcements, the tea leaves tell little, the signals are mixed, and the rumor machine has kicked into overdrive. Judging from analysts’ comments, media reports, and chatter on Mac-enthusiast Web sites, it appears all but crystal clear that some kind of update to Apple’s mainstream iPod line is in the offing, and most Apple observers suggested that the long-rumored video-capable version of the iPod is about to become a reality.”

“Jobs has in the past dismissed video as antithetical to the reason the iPod has been successful — the device works because listening to music is a passive activity you can do while doing other things. Watching video is far too active and distracting, he has said. But those criticisms of video seem to have quieted down lately. And Apple hasn’t posted a new music video to its online store for a few months, suggesting that a pay-for-download video service may be the next new feature enabled on iTunes,” Hesseldahl writes.

“New computers are certainly due. The last time Apple upgraded its PowerMac G5 line was in April. And though Apple’s transition to using chips from Intel (INTC ) will get under way in earnest by summer of 2006, Jobs & Co. have said at least one major upgrade of its flagship machines for professionals was due before then,” Hesseldahl writes. “Also among the rumors has been speculation about a change to Apple’s Airport Express wireless networking device. The Airport Express is small Wi-Fi router that also connects to stereo systems and gives users access to the iTunes playlist stored on computers. Apple could update Airport Express so that it connects to a TV screen to stream video stored on the computer… Whatever Jobs is hiding behind the curtain, he has already generated a heavy buzz around the announcement. His last big event was the unveiling of the iPod Nano. So far, the device has been mostly a hit — and a hard act to follow.”

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  1. Madonna lives in Britain. Perhaps she will be live from the BBC studios to unveil her designer iPod pre-loaded with her music catalog in advance of her new single launching on Oct 17. Also having always been at the forefront of music videos from back in the 80s, she helped to turn MTV into the giant conglomerate that it is now. Her iPod may just include her music video collection.


  2. I’m telling you guys, it’s the Beatles. Laugh all you want, but I bet this is it. Which if true, by the way, would mean the dispute has been resolved and Apple can now be a label like Sony and the others. Remember, its about the music, stupid.

  3. I just returned from the local Apple store. The line at the registers was about 6 deep in 3 lanes. As I waited patiently to pay for a Wacom tablet I looked around and noticed that almost everyone in the line(s) were buying at least an iPod Nano and many also were packing one or two Shuffles (early Christmas shopping?). Several people were buying iTMS gift cards (easy to spot the ugly purple $50 ones – I was buying one too).

    In the front of the store where the island of Nano’s are displayed there were easily 20 people crowded around fondling the little beauties. In general, the store was crowded (as it usually is).

    Now there’s some real market analysis.

  4. I went into the local Apple store and people were at least 450 deep in 24 lanes. As I waited patiently with my shopping cart of products I was buying (75 nanos, three computers, 14 iPods of various sizes and shapes and an iSight) someguy pushed by me with three shopping carts full of Apple products and said “Where is the 500 items or less cashier?”
    Several people were even buying Apple employees. I picked out a plump one with blond hair and a Nano t-shirt that said “Scratch me…please!”.

  5. release the new powerbooks and get over with it dammit…oh and fix the screens. the latest rev. has very bad screens. just try to compare the latest 17′ books with last years – put them on your desk and check what happens with the colors on the latest rev. when turning 20 degrees or more. the colors turn yellow-green! this is not a pet bug…i often have to show 3-4 clients some work without having a beamer at hand and they keep asking about the odd color choice. duh.

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