HP discounts last batch of ‘Apple iPod by HP’ units, includes iPod, iPod mini, iPod shuffle models

“Hewlett-Packard Co. is discounting its HP-brand iPods in an effort to sell off its remaining inventory of the portable music players. The computer giant, which in late July said it would discontinue selling its HP-branded version of the Apple Computer Inc. music player, has lowered the prices on several of its remaining Apple iPod + HP models on the HPShopping.com site with an instant rebate,” John G. Spooner reports for PC Magazine.

“Despite the hardware sale, which marks the end of the hardware portion of its relationship with Apple, an agreement it announced back in January 2004, HP will continue working with Apple in some respects. The PC maker will continue to pre-install Apple’s iTunes music software on its HP Pavilion consumer PCs, the HP spokesperson said,” Spooner reports.

Full article and details of the discounts here.

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  1. I was checking an old order that I had saved on the Apple store, and I got this message:

    This order cannot be processed because the flagged items are no longer valid.

    Item Part No. Qty Unit Price
    iSight M8817 1 DKK 846,00

    does this mean there are nye iSights on the way?

  2. Hey no HP bashing!

    HP has always done good by us Mac users, especially in the printer business.

    HP placed the iTunes software on a FRIGGING HUGE chunk of PC’s and through their marketing channels (Sears for instance) the HP iPods are stacked on store shelves being snapped up alongside pre-boxed HP PC’s.

    Apparently HP rank and file couldn’t handle the new hip image and tossed their CEO, fine, that’s just politics. The HiPod deal is over, bummer, the iTunes deal still remains, that’s good!

    Business wise HP has been great to Apple and still is.

    Now Dell sucks totally, go bash them, but be sure to toss your Dell monitor hooked up to your Mac first or your just a hypocrite.

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