Did Steve Jobs already drop subtle hint about upcoming Apple product announcement?

“Apple fans are looking forward to next Wednesday like it’s Christmas Eve. But maybe Steve Jobs gave them a subtle hint about those upcoming products in an interview in February 2004,” Management-Channel reports. “Apple is going to announce an AirPort Express with video streaming capabilities!”

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  1. Cool, but still not enough infrastructure. The idea that you can run your computer off your TV is great, but we’re still not in the world where your computer is your media hub. You can’t download movies, watch television networks, etc. from your computer yet.

    Let’s see the iTunes Video Store first, and then this will be killer.

  2. That’s what I want!!!! A video iPod might be all right to watch news, weather reports, or short Daily Show clips. But an AirPort Express w/ video streaming and a “tablet” remote control to work the streaming away from the pc while you recline on the couch is what I want.

    Wasn’t this supposed to be the year of HD? PBS and BBC are offering more and more content online. Downloading movies is starting to become more common place. The time is now!!!

  3. Three key technologies are needed for a video iPod, video iTunes (which should be called something else like iMovie), and an Airport Express capable of delivering video content:
    1) Quicktime 7 with H.264, HD, a “trusted” file format, and 24 channels of surround sound
    2) Compact storage required to hold video content. (iPod photo for example) Obviously the file format compression plays a factor in this case since the more compression we can get, the smaller the data storage requirement.
    3) File distribution capacity (which iTunes is a testbed for) and for which 802.11g and 802.16 will come in handy on portable devices

    The rest is just marketing and corporate agreements to get movies and broadcasts ready for sale over the internet.

  4. >Steve also talks in his sleep and just last night he was mumbling about running for office.<

    Go to google

    Type the word “FAILURE” (without quotes)

    Hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button

    Some will be offended, but some
    might even see the humor

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