Apple donates 50 iPods to Scotland’s Gracemount High School

“Whizz kids at a city high school have won a prestigious competition to develop the potential of the latest iPods as teaching aids,” The Scotsman reports. “The Apple Corporation has donated 50 iPods to Gracemount High School so pupils can look at ways they can be used to teach languages and other classes.”

The Scotsman reports, “The iPods will be handed over to Gracemount school later this month.”

Full article here.

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  1. ah – here is the proof we’ve been waiting for to justify a video ipod.

    see, apple is clearing their stock of ipods in anticipation of the new product line.

    either that, or i’ve read so many rumors i’m just confused.

  2. See, that is really respectable. This is one of the many reasons why I love Apple. They are not solely concerned with making money. They are concerned with the positive impact that can happen with their products.

    Education is important. Technology is the next wave in the education field. It is good that Apple is taking a lead position in figuring out the great ways that tech can help assist learning, especially with the Millenial Generation.

  3. i still dont understand who they showed iPods could be used for education….i dont doubt it, but hwat did they say?

    MDN MW: plans…as in ‘the plans microsoft has to copy apples education initiative’

  4. random,

    Is this one of the reasons you love Gates, too? He gives millions annually to education charities, as well as having established one in his own name.

    And Apple’s “competition” amounts to market research.

    “Hey kids, how do you think you could use iPods in school? Hey schools, buy our iPods. The kids agree that they can assist in learning!”

  5. One way I use my iPod for education: Both my kids are in elementary school, 2nd and 3rd grade. My daughter has Asperger’s/Autism. She learns best with visual things. So I put her flashcards (sightwords, math flashcards) on my 60GB iPod photo.

    It works great and she enjoys it, as she can do her studying like this anytime, like in the car on the way to school or when we are in a waiting room or anyplace. I can connect it to the monitor in the car and she can do it that way also. I create the flashcards in Keynote and then import them into iPhoto.

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