Bear Stearns: ‘We see Apple making further PC share gains,’ raises price target to $58

“Bear Stearns maintained an ‘outperform’ rating and established a 2006 target price of $58 on Apple Computer (AAPL), saying near-term trends for the company remain strong,” David Ng reports for Forbes.

“‘We see Apple making further PC share gains,’ Bear Stearns said, citing the iPod’s drive in a resurgence of the Apple brand. The research firm is modeling sequential CPU unit growth for Apple of 5% and 8% in the calendar third and fourth quarters, which is a conservative set of estimates given Apple’s forecasted market growth of 8% and 15%,” Ng reports.

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  1. When Apple gets those virutally unlimited Intel processors, for every MacTels sale means one less PC sale.

    All those Apple Stores opening up…

    Apple needs to blitz the enterprise market and office space with a low cost MacTel.

  2. I think the biggest impact to marketshare is still a few post-transition years away. Once Leopard and Vista have a few head-to-head years, Apple will make the biggest dents. Maybe even holes. 10%, though quite optimistic, is not totally out of the question.

  3. According to the Thurrot/Enderle bongo-duo Apple is set to be badly affected by Vista. What a joke. Apple is going strong and when the Intel chipped machines arrive sales will take off like they did with the iPod. At which point the bongo-duo will probably stop being funded that other duo of Ballmer/Gates.

    We will laugh.

  4. I’m waiting for the first virus/malware/adware/etcware issue for Vista once it is released. There should then be two outcomes. The first is the reaction from windows’ consumers and the second is the collective giggles from mac users.

  5. Who was it, Dvorak, Thurrott or Enderle who wrote not so long ago that Mac sales were going to hit rock bottom real soon because of the Intel switch? Where is that article? …. I wanna wave this article under his nose.

  6. Let’s not kid ourselves. Vista is probably going to be a huge success for MS. Most people really don’t even see Apple as a choice, simply because they are scared to death of learning a new and foreign computing landscape (even though that’s exactly what they’ll be doing with Vista). Really this past year was Apples biggest opportunity, but soon people will hold off and wait for Vista. I still think that Apple will break 5% by the end of this year, and when they come out with the intel models, probably will continue to grow, but I do think Vista will slow their growth down considerably.

  7. I think that the biggest leap/gain that Apple will have will be during at the time AFTER MAC OS X. Since Leopard 10.5 will be the last OS X OS, I hope that Apple has some truly amazing, innovating, and windows-user capturing features that it will not introduce until before the intro of the OS (OS 11…or whatever it will be called). This is the time when Apple might be planning to “break the glass ceiling”

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