Apple Computer shares hit new all-time high

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) today hit a new all-time high of $52.64, up $1.43, or 2.79% on volume of 27,976,505.

Apple previous all-time high was $51.63 set on 09/12/2005.

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  1. To: lamer

    Really, one would think that a columnist with credentials as impressive as Andrew Kantor’s would have better things to do than to flame a pro-Apple website using a pseudonym.

    And yes, Mac Yak is my real name ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    MW = one

  2. “Apple previous all-time high was $51.63 set on 09/12/2005” – is this 9th of December? I think not since we’re still in September….

    So could someone much more intelligent than me explain the US style of dates – not what it is (that’s duh), but WHY?!?! What historical reasons are there for choosing such a lame date format??


    I mean, wtf?? How sh*tty is this??

    At least do Year/Month/Day (useful for sorting), or Day/Month/Year (least significant first), but to use Month first is just totally arse about. Kinda like they (whomever “they” are) couldn’t decide so said “Lets spin a wheel with various date formats, and the one it lands on, we’ll use”.

    I realise you might say “It’s September 19th”, but you might just as easily say “It’s 19th September” too. To use that sh*tty shorthand version as well (esp. with computers) is just sick. And twisted. Some moron is laughing at US, can you hear them?

    It’s about as smart as some politician putting traffic lights on freeways… oh wait, someone in Melbourne, Australia did just that (since corrected thankfully.)

    Maybe the world is just arse about??

  3. Ok, perhaps that’s the way things are done historically. But sh*t! This the 21st Century, lets think smarter eh?? Out with the old and in with the new.

    (Whilst I’m at it) the US should officially adopt the Metric system too.

    And $1 coins – I look rich until I realise all my wallet contains is $20 worth of $1 notes….

  4. if you look at the declaration of independence, you will notice that it was dated july 4, not 4 july. this was done on purpose to show our independence from europe, it was symbolic. and we have kept it that way.

  5. why why why? Delilah…: Speaking as an American, i have to agree that it is a stupid way of expressing the date. (I would write it 12-Sept-05.)

    Then again, the 12 hour clock is a pretty stupid idea too, especially when you consider there are (almost) 24 hours in a day (well, 23 hours, 56 minutes, and about 4 seconds). Could understand using AM and PM in the days of analog timepieces, but come on, we live in the digital age now (and i’m old enough to have been around before digital watches were invented).

    And yes, we should be using the metric system too. We have Richard Nixon to thank for not converting (US was going to do it in the 70’s, but Tricky Dick said no, it was too much trouble). And you forgot about Dvorak keyboards. QWERTY was actually designed to slow the typist down so they wouldn’t damage the original typewriter mechanisms.

    Now i have a question for you: Why use the word “arse” when you really mean “ass”?

  6. Following yet more share options being exercised, Apple is now worth $43.682 billion.

    FWIW, it now appears unlikely that Sony is going to be taking over Apple anytime soon – at close of business today, they had a market cap of $36.448 billion.

    Even more amusing is the ongoing story of Dell: On the 16th February, they were worth $100.682 billion (AAPL was worth $36.237 billion) – today, Dell’s stock market value stands at $82.255 billion (a loss of nearly 18.5% in 215 days – that must really hurt: I think its time to shut down the company and distribute the proceeds to the shareholders) and rather bizarrely, as of today, it is worth less than Hewlett-Packard.

  7. NIce positive growth following the second full weekend after the
    introduction of the iPod Nano. I think some people must have been
    highly impressed by it and decided to follow up by picking up some

    The numbers add up, Apple’s adding to it’s stockholder base. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”blank stare” style=”border:0;” />

    CT ========]————- Dividend fever

  8. Apple previous all-time high was $51.63 set on 09/12/2005″ – is this 9th of December? I think not since we’re still in September….


    that’s Sept 12 buddy.. big number (up to 31) goes in the middle..

    you NEVER see 31/06/05..NEVER.. that just looks wacky

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