RUMOR: Apple to introduce new hardware at Apple Expo Paris

“Apple Computer will make at least one hardware-related product announcement during this week’s Apple Expo, despite the company’s decision to cancel its opening keynote presentation at the Paris show, AppleInsider has learned. Based on previous reports, the company appears ripe to update either its PowerBook G4 laptop line, its Power Mac G5 line, or both product lines,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article here.

In addition, the “Mac Treasure Tracing Club” have posted photos from Apple’s booth under construction at Apple expo 2005 here.


  1. Yes and the new hardware will be dual core G5 PowerMac’s using 970MP’s that we have known for AGES was in the works.

    They are not going to really bring a whole lot of more performance, because dual core is just about the same as a dual processor, although I suspect the single frontside bus will cripple it compared to the dual frontside bus of present DP PM’s.

    However it should be a bit faster than present PM boxes, but I suspect not a whole lot of work will be done on the OS level for performance because the PPC chips are on their way out.

    It could be Apple may continue to use the IBM chips in their bigger boxes where adequate cooling is available.

    Now another thing is if the Blue RAY’s will make a appearance or not, Sony hasn’t been cooperating with Apple over the music lately, which is causing some problems. It must be a pain working with a company your in competition with.

  2. not likely

    they were probably about to release something but decided for whatever reason not to and so cancelled the keynote.

    do you seriously think that apple would release new hardware / software / etc with no keynote or special event?

    at best we’ll see speed bumps / better specs. it wont be anything to get overly excited about.

    get perspective – and get real – all these mac rumour sites seem to be getting stupider by the day. a bit of logic would tell you that apple history tells us all that a keynote usually brings us something new…

    not a stand at an expo! what a joke!

  3. A mac mini with spdif out so that it can be used to view movies and still get 5.1 sound.
    Why doesn’t anyone fix one of those external harddrives for the mini with a cheap 5.1 card built in, it’s hooked up using usb/firewire anyway.

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