Apple’s iTunes 5 provides hints of future iTunes Video Store

“Bloggers have discovered an image resource within iTunes 5 that suggests Apple has future plans for a video store. Three buttons with the terms ‘Gift Video,’ ‘Buy Video,’ and ‘Add Video’ were found along with references to a ‘protected MPEG-4 video file’ within text strings in the code of iTunes 5,” Ed Oswald reports for BetaNews.

More in Oswald’s brief report here.

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  1. Video capability in iTunes does nto translate to a Video iPod.

    I think iTunes is going to morph into much more than a music player. It already has address book and other capabilities that go beyond what’s necessary to support a portable music player.

    iTunes is universally known in the computing world, including Windows users. Expanding its capabilities is a natural, and much easier than establishing a new software.

    There is no doubt that digital video is coming to an Apple device sometime in the future, just don’t look for it to be the iPod.

  2. Gregg Thruman,

    I agree. I think iTunes and a Cinema Display are what the video parts are about. We’ve had tastes of watching video material via iTunes already. I believe there’s growth in that area that doesn’t translate to a portable device. Video on the go? I’m just not seeing it.

  3. I think that it is pretty clever of Apple to keep one step ahead on iTunes and QT. They introduce a product, like the nano, along with updates to related software. There is plenty of time for the market to update the related software and have it operating on their machines before the release a groundbreaking product — oh, let’s say a Media Center System. The masses have the required software already installed for the rollout… instant market. Pretty savvy.

  4. I want this more than anything. I also hope they are really planning to add video to the AirPort Express and they will have the rumored tablet univeral remote to control iTunes/iVideo streaming from you recliner.

    It can’t come soon enough for me!!!

  5. to the point- I totally agree

    One possible form factor for the “video iPod” would be a storage device that can hold/transfer H.264 content between your Mac and your home theatre.

    The home theatre would have a base station with HDMI out to your TV (HDMI is better than component and carries audio as well)

    An XML file on the “video iPod” would conatin information regarding contents/artists/ratings and the like.

    …just a thought.

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