All models of Apple’s iPod nano in Amazon’s top 10 best selling flash-based MP3 players list

A bit earlier today, we reported that Apple’s new iPod nano units have entered’s top selling MP3 players list even though they are currently marked “Not yet released. Pre-order this item.”

Looking at Amazon’s “Flash Drive-Based” list, which excludes “Hard Drive-Based” players and is updated hourly, we currently see Apple dominating the top 10, with the 4GB iPod nano in black topping the list:

1. Apple 4 GB iPod nano Black
2. Apple 512 MB iPod shuffle
3. Apple 1 GB iPod shuffle
4. SanDisk 512 MB MP3 Player Blue
5. Apple 4 GB iPod nano White
6. Apple 2 GB iPod nano Black
7. SanDisk 256 MB MP3 Player Red
8. Apple 2 GB iPod nano White
9. iAudio U2 1 GB Digital Music Player
10. Creative MuVo TX FM 1 GB MP3 Player

Amazon’s most popular Flash Drive-Based MP3 players, updated hourly, here.

For reference, Amazon’s top 10 “Hard Drive-Based” list currently reports:
1. Apple 20 GB iPod
2. Apple 20 GB iPod photo
3. Apple 60 GB iPod photo
4. Apple 20 GB iPod photo U2 Special Edition
5. Sony NW-HD5 Network Walkman 20 GB Digital Music Player (Silver)
6. Sony NW-HD5 Network Walkman 20 GB Digital Music Player (Black)
7. iRiver H10 20 GB MP3 Player/Recorder (Blue)
8. Rio Forge 512 MB Sport MP3 Player
9. iRiver H10 20 GB MP3 Player/Recorder Red
10. Creative Zen Touch 20 GB MP3 Player

Amazon’s most popular Hard Drive-Based MP3 players, updated hourly, here.

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  1. where are the admins for this site. Thisa is clearly for ipod daily news…yet MACdailynews seems to have been overrun. I don’t want ipod crap taking up all the space in MACdaily news. methinks its time to dump this site. there are lots of sites that report on MAC news and keep ipod news sperate….bye

  2. Hey yawn,

    If you don’t want to read the story, why did you click the headline?

    From MDN’s “Contact” page:
    Our mission is to scour the Web for articles that interest Mac and Apple product users, remark on the content of these articles, provide news about Apple Computer, Inc. and their products, and to opine about all things related to Apple and the Mac.

    Most importantly, MacDailyNews exists to provide a place for our readers and the Mac community to discuss these daily news items in their own words with real-time feedback.

    Keep up the great work, MDN and ignore idiots like “yawn.”

  3. Yawn, you clicked the headline to read this and post your complaint. Made you look! Sorry, but if you don’t want to read it, scour the headlines and click on news stories you want to read. Ignore the ones you don’t want to read. It’s only common sense.

  4. Since Macs and iPods are both made by Apple and often of interest to the same people, why make everyone look at BOTH sites?

    They should do this:

    MacDailyNews has all the Mac stuff plus SOME iPod stuff. iPodDailyNews would have even more iPod stuff.

    Oh wait, that’s the way it already is ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    And if you don’t want ANY iPod stuff you just don’t click.

  5. Actually, “i have an idea”, iPod Daily News usually seems to be a near-exact copy of MDN, with a few incredibly trivial additions, usually product announcements. All the important iPod news is copied here, so I quit visiting the other site.

    If MDN wants two sites, they should have two sites. Right now the difference between the two sites is so minor, there’s no point. My guess is the only reason the site exists is to get hits from Windows-using iPod owners who wouldn’t visit a “Mac” site.

  6. Well I checked out the iPod nano today in Osaka. Hmm, picked it up, played with it a bit. Works really well however, I wonder if it is a too thin. Not tactile enough. It’s wonderfully small but not much to hold in your hands. The mini is really popular here with women due to the variety of colors. I wonder if the next version of the nano should come in more colors.

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