Tech pundit Enderle: ‘iPod Nano is a hit,’ Motorola ROKR ‘simply doesn’t have enough Apple in it’

“There is no doubt in my mind that the iPod Nano is a hit. Sleek sexy and signaling a move from the aging white ID to a more contemporary black this product is well priced and uses the successful iPod interface. For the iPod users ready to get the next big thing in music players and for those just coming into the fold this should be a hit,” Rob Enderle writes for Technology Pundits. “However the phone is another story.”

Enderle explains that he feels that Apple doesn’t partner with others very well, using the HP iPod as an example. Of course, it could be argued rather easily that HP was the company that didn’t partner very well. After all, HP changed courses midstream with a new CEO who didn’t broker the original deal (which was bad for HP in our opinion; Fiorina got “Jobbed”). Also of note, even as HP announced the end of the deal, HP was number two in U.S. market share with 5-8% of the market. Remember, it was Rob Enderle who said in February 2004 that the Apple iPod by HP would “instantly triple or quadruple [iPod] sales.” Because that never came remotely close to happening, instantly or otherwise, it was Apple’s fault for not partnering well? Of course not.

Enderle continues, “While there is a chance that loyal iTunes users could heavy lift this phone to large numbers it probably won’t have the impact that an Apple designed phone might have had for all three players. Such a device may still be coming, but to us this phone simply doesn’t have enough Apple in it and that will limit its success.”

Full article here.

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We agree that the iPod nano will be huge. While we think the ROKR phone will be a good seller, it is just the first in a line of phones from Motorola, so it bodes well for Apple’s iTunes and iTunes Music Store however you slice it. Of course, we would definitely love to see what Apple’s Jonathan Ive could do if he designed a mobile phone.

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  1. sure, but the HP comment was asinine.. Apple made awesome products and HP sold alot of iPods…

    The only ‘problem’ is Apple shrewdly negotiated a deal, where they got everything they wanted.

    I mean, this freakin’ joker thought the HP iPod would outsell the ‘Apple’ version..

    Yes you read that correctly. Enderle loved the deal so much he said something stupid and wrong about it making HP more important to digital music than Apple.

    The phone is the only phone that plays AAC+ songs. It should do fine.

    Hey where would be a great place to advertise.. oh yeah… the iTMS.. there’s some exposure ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I’ve been waiting for the iTunes phone before I upgraded from my 4-year-old Nokia. Unfortunately, I was even more interested in Bluetooth compatibility, which means even more to me (about the only time I want to listen to my iPod is in the car). I think I’ll keep looking.

  3. The phone sucks and it doesn’t have anything to do with Apple not partnering well. Vey few companies understand style/class/drama. certainly not Motorola or HP.
    This is not an “Apple” phone! It’s a Motorola phone with iTunes.
    Jobs will probably throwup every morning he sees one of these ugly suckers. It’s just a matter of time before he says “screw this” and takes over the cell market himself.

  4. Well, as much as us realistic people who already own iPods already have our opinions that the iTunes phone is not for us. But there definitely will be a market for it, as long as they play their cards right.

    I’m worried about the speaker on the thing, though…ugh, just the thought of some dumbwit playing his music in public….just makes me cringe.

    The nano is apparently a big hit everywhere, but no one has mentioned that the headphones are, uh, in my opinion, ugly as hell. I still like the headphones to come out of the top.

    I’m sure it will be a hit, though.

  5. HP tried to be hip with their PC’s to breath new life into them, the only problem is HP is and always will be a printer company.

    Because crappie Windoze in on HP PC’s it was a fruitless effort to be stylish.

    People look a the OS 99% of the time, if it ain’t cool, no matter how cool the hardware is, it’s irrelevant.

    There are two kinds of people in the world.

    1: Farmers

    2: Hunters

    90% of the people in the world don’t even know which one they belong to.

    Farmers naturally tend to do things in a long term slow way and don’t get very excited about anything. They naturally tend to get into a state where they do the least possible, sort of stagnating themselves. They would use a machete to cut wheat because it’s “always how it was done” Because they don’t innovate, they eventually die, get killed by hunters or get replaced by something better. Some farmers will adopt new techniques but at great pain, and then they won’t change again for a long time or not at all.

    Hunters get very exited about the next “kill” and constantly adapting to better themselves, to reap a bigger reward by their actions. This tends to show in weapons improvement and new products that save them time and effort because so much energy is used to hunt. Unfortunately a lot of young hunters burn out or “go a different path” all to easily. Thus their efforts don’t last long. Older hunters utilize part of the behaviors of farmers, but don’t entirely give up their hunter ways.

    The majority of HP top brass were farmers trying to be changed by a few hunters. The farmers tried to change and be led by the hunters, but eventually their farmer personality rebelled and they got rid of the hunters who were inflicting too much change upon them.

    Apple back under Steve Jobs has returned to it’s hunter roots, under John Scully, Apple turned into a farmer company. Which was the worst for it, thus it’s low market share today. Only the graphics and schools kept Apple alive, farmer markets, no new markets were being conquered and corporations and small businesses (other hunters) were not really even touched.

    Microsoft has always been a farmer, but only recently when SJ returned have finally felt the dreaded change come at them. They don’t like it and it’s showing in their behavior. They seek new untouched areas to try to dominate, knowing they can’t possibly compete against the hunter Apple.

    The Chinese have only one interest, to milk M$ for as long as possible and them dump them, they are hunters preying on the farmer M$.

    Steve Jobs is a hunter, despite his great wealth he lives in a drab like house with little furniture, wears the same plain clothes, eats a diet that is about zero fat and probably tastes horrible. But it keeps him sharp and from becoming a fat and lazy farmer with their fancy houses, cars and meals. As a hunter SJ’s weapons are the finest tools available, he hones them constantly to make them better. His office and buildings are sharp, he hires the best designers, he produces the best products and he’s out to kill.

    So the kind of person you are will determine a whole lot of things.

    If you decide to go the corporate farmer route and be comfortable doing the same old job, day in and day out for the rest of your life. Hoping one day to take your family to Hawaii once for a mere two weeks.

    Or if you decide to take more risk, willing to go poor to learn more about your world, to take a chance getting rich or failing doing so. To live in Hawaii for several years, instead of a plain visit, or to travel the world in the search for opportunity and life experience.

    Remember this before I leave you today

    Here’s to the crazy ones.
    The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers.
    The round pegs in the square holes.
    The ones who see things differently.
    They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect
    for the status quo.
    You can quote them. Disagree with them.
    Glorify or vilify them.
    About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them,
    because they change things.
    They push the human race forward.
    And while some may see them as the crazy ones,
    we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough
    to think they can change the world…

    Are the ones who do.
    (author unknown)

  6. Apple = “it’s a iTunes Phone” = gets no money

    Motorolla = “it’s a ROKR Phone” = gets little money

    Cingular = “we’ll advertise for Phone” = gets all the money

    I got a idea!

    Velco the iPod Nano to your present phone instead!

    Don’t need to buy a new phone, get twice the battery life, hold 10x more songs and they can be seperated if need be.

    Sometimes even the best intentions and technical achievements can be made obsolete with a little low grade ingenuity.

    Like using a marker to make copy protected cd’s work in computers.

  7. The phone is insane. Why didn’t Moto pay out a few more dollars to Apple to have them design the phone? Moto did it on the cheap and it shows. Maybe for Round Two they will turn the design work over to Jobs & Ives.

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