Apple’s iPod nano will make competitors whimper, Motorola’s ROKR inexplicably bland

“The Rokr hardly ranked among Apple’s best-kept secrets… Apple worked its usual software magic on the Rokr’s version of iTunes, so anyone who’s ever held an iPod will be able to use it… While the concept of a musical phone has practical appeal — I can imagine using it to listen to some choice tracks to pass those long, fallow moments at the deli counter — Motorola’s execution left me cold,” Dawn Chmielewski writes for The Mercury News.

“The Rokr looks like any standard-issue cell phone and lacks the minimalist industrial design of Motorola’s other hot products, such as the sleekly sophisticated Razr phone. Needless to say, the Rokr is similarly devoid of the cache that has made Apple’s iPods high-tech fashion accessories,” Chmielewski writes. “This inexplicable blandness will doubtless hurt the Rokr in the mobile market — especially since Cingular Wireless plans to charge $250 for it, with a two-year contract. We think only the early adopters who are can’t resist a convergence play (you know, a digital camera, music player and communications tool rolled into one) will buy it.”

Chmielewski writes, “For everyone else, I’d recommend buying a Razr and super-gluing an iPod nano on its back… The iPod nano makes even the slender Razr look chunky by comparison… The device will replace Apple’s most popular iPod, the mini. It’s this kind of clever, even daring, strategy by the folks in Cupertino — killing off their most popular model before the competitors get a chance to develop a knock-off — that has given Apple a dominant share of the digital music player market. Even while seated at the Moscone Center, we could hear the faint yet audible sounds of competitors whimpering.”

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That pretty much sums up today’s two major hardware announcements nicely.

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  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s just a sleeker little sister to the iPod now, it’s not a cute mini anymore because theres no colors. The colors were a huge selling point for the mini for alot of people, and I think the nanotubes, although a good idea for a first accessory, fail horrably as a fashion statement. They look cheap. Cheapness should not be in any way associated with the nano other than in price, and using slip on covers for color I think was a horrable move by Apple. I just hope either Apple gets color versions out soon or ColorWare doesn’t charge a bundle for their paint jobs.

  2. “Yup, today Sim Wong Hoo took a poo…” – egarc

    {MacMania, crawls back to his chair, his side still splitting from howling…}

    egarc, that was impossibly funny!

    Rock on egarc!

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