Apple pulls ‘Mac mini Test Drive’ promotion one day after launch

Apple has pulled their ‘Mac mini Test Drive’ promotion, one day after the promo launched yesterday.

The Apple Store no longer lists the 30-day money-back-guarantee offer without explanation. The online promo page now defaults to the regular Mac mini pages.

MacDailyNews Take: Response too great too handle? Something amiss? Just a test? Too good of an idea? What a great promo though! It would have sold Macs and created more Mac users. No wonder they pulled it so fast!

Somebody’s head rolled in Cupertino today, if we had to guess.

Mac mini Test Drive, we hardly knew you! We hope it returns soon.

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  1. This was poorly thought out by Apple, no matter what the cause.

    It makes it look like Apple isn’t well organized to the public when something like this occurs, and it this instance, their right.

  2. This is a little disappointing. Although the Mac Mini is a great buy without the 30 day money back guarantee, I told 3 borderline “switchers” about the promo yesterday and that it would be a good time for them to give the best OS a try.

    Now it makes me look stupid – as well as Apple. There is good publicity and bad publicity – this would be the bad type.

    Boo to you Steve, or your Marketing folk.

    Oh well…

  3. Either this appeared like Mac Mini sales were weak, a glitch occured somehow, or this wasn’t meant to be seen just yet and accidentially posted.

    Maybe the response was indeed overwhelming. 😀

    Or we all have been tricked!

  4. this is kinda like that “Win What You Want” contest that we canadians were supposed to have but then got pulled, without disclosing the reason. (supposedly it was a case of right hand not knowing what left hand was doing type situation)

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