Analysts: Apple could debut ‘iPod video’ as soon as September

“Web sites that traffic in rumors about forthcoming products from the notoriously tight-lipped Apple have been buzzing for more than a year about a video iPod,” Duncan Martell reports for Reuters. “What Jobs may have up his sleeve is a music video download service or the like that is seamlessly integrated into the iTunes online music store and the iTunes digital music jukebox software, analysts said.”

“If Jobs and company can pull that off — delivering a way to buy and manage video content as easily as with iTunes — then there may well be a market for personal media players, analysts said. ‘If indeed someone could bring a service to market to go along with this device that was as drop-dead simple as the iPod iTunes interface, then perhaps there is a market,’ Van Baker, an analyst at industry research firm Gartner said. That may be why, analysts said, Apple has waited this long before rolling out what could be called a video iPod, while it works out all the kinks. Wall Street analysts have already said the company could introduce such a device as soon as September,” Martell reports.

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  1. “i think they could easily do that, even with the current latest iPods, couldn’t they ? isn’t it just a matter of firmware update to enable these colored screens to play videos ?”

    I don’t think the current chip inside the iPod color is powerful enough to decode video (especially if Apple’s going to use H.264).

  2. I hope they don’t do it. I’m quite happy with my 30gb 3G iPod and I’ve spent about $800 on songs on iTunes. If they come out with video content I’ll have to buy all the videos I love and a new iPod (so I can take video playlists to friend’s for parties). I’ll have to sell some Apple stock to afford all this new stuff…

  3. Michael Anthony: if they do that, then you buy your songs at the higher rate there after. If you want to upgrade your existing purchases, you either will have to re-buy them at a higher rate, or perhaps Apple will offer a discount if you already have the song ($0.25/song to upgrade)?? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Lots of options. What did you do when tape cassettes and vinyl went out? You had to re-buy your music on CD. Same thing here.

  4. Am I the only one who would like to have complete movies on the iPod and just plug it into the TV so you don’t have to bring your computer or burn them on a dvd-rw? Would be sweet! Wouldn’t pay to download them though, dc works too well ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. A video iPod will NEVER sell as much as a music iPod for the simple reason that you have to watch a video iPod. Now, if the video iPod can connect to a tv and display a full DVD quality movie on it, then I could see this working and ending up being competion for Netflix in that you could download a movie from Apple’s site, load it onto your video iPod, and then easily connect it to your tv and watch the movie.

    This will work…

    – Mark

  6. Please explain the advantage of watching videos on the minsicule iPod screen?

    Would not the ability to download videos to be watched from a laptop or desktop Mac seem a more satifying experience?

    The iPod Photo has the ability to hook up to a display and show pictures.

    What I think the iPod video will do is allow music videos sold in iTMS to be displayed as well.

    Eventually as the new Mactels arrive with their HDCP encrypted Intel chips, we might start seeing Hollywood finally giving in and then videos for iPods will be avaiable.

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