Motorola: ROKR Apple iTunes phone debut ‘big enough to have its own event’

“A Motorola representative declined on Friday to say exactly when the Rokr [Apple iTunes] phone will debut. She cited comments by CEO Ed Zander, who promised an unveiling sometime in the quarter ending Sept. 30,” Scott Moritz reports for

“Motorola twice pulled the phone from scheduled introductions at trade shows earlier this year, bowing to pressure from partners like telcos that couldn’t agree how to slice the music download business. Later, Motorola’s official line was that Apple had urged a delay, preferring a big-bang theatrical setting when the phone was ready to sell,” Moritz reports. “The Motorola rep did say that when the phone get its formal kickoff, it won’t be sharing the stage with any other acts. ‘We feel it is big enough to have its own event,’ says the Motorola rep. ‘It will be us, Apple and one of our large carrier partners.'”

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  1. My girlfriend is not going to like this, though I do. We’re on a rotating schedule for getting new phones.
    Now she’s got to delay her new Nokia again.

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  2. Okay, if they can truly say that the phone itself is worthy of it’s own event then it must be impressive. I think the images we saw in the past were baited, and not truly the ROKR. There is no way a run of the mill phone with iTunes installed could hold it’s own event, no way at all. I’m looking forward to this, I really hate the Sony Ericsson Z500a that I currently use as it is a pos.

  3. Apple’s able to dodge questions and handle launches better than this.. I wish they’d been more anal about this…

    I mean.. imagine if they talked abotu the Mac Mini for 6 months before launching.. that would be so stupid..

    We already know about the phone.. just launch it for god’s sake.. it’s not even that impressive anymore.. the longer you wait, the more competition will be waiting for you

  4. Big enough… Then this bluetooht phone may tripple or rather heptable or whatever as: phone, camera, mp3/HD, calender, www surf, tv, and as a mouse. Because why not make it as mouse when it already incl. bluetooht?
    Nowadays almost all of us have PowerBooks, why carry both a bluetooht mouse and a bluetooht mobile phone. Wish I was a technician rather than a damn journalist -got it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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