Chatham County (NC) rolls out 1,000 of eventual 7,400 Apple iBooks for students and teachers

“Chatham County Schools (Pittsboro, NC) has spent $1 million from its reserve fund to buy 1,000 laptop computers for its high schools,” reports. “The district, a mix of schools in the backwoods and high-end subdivisions near Chapel Hill, wants to have a computer for each of its 7,400 students within the next several years.”

“The initial 1,000 Apple iBooks will be given to area high schools so teachers can each have one to take home and to fill carts that will move between classrooms for student use,” reports. “The district plans to set aside money in its budget over the next few years to buy more computers, and county officials said they would support the program, believing that technology in area schools will help attract businesses.”

Full article here.

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  1. My school (very small and private) has a mobile iBook lab, and even though they’re old and run OS 9, they’re great and very useful.

    Hopefully that judge from Cobb County won’t move to New York.

    (MDN MW: Southern, as in those Southern kids are going to be very jealous of their New York peers.)

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