Survey identifies strong demand for Macintosh and Firefox web conferencing support

PresenterNet, provider of online interactive Web presentation services, today unveiled survey evidence identifying Firefox and Macintosh as key enablers to Web Conferencing success. Through user surveys, analysis of system logs, and interviews of key corporate customers, PresenterNet found that the population of users and audience members not using Windows or Internet Explorer represents a critical success factor.

PresenterNet CEO Doug Wolfgram explained stating in the release, “the data tells us that virtually all presenters need a system that supports both Macintosh and Windows platforms. It is also very clear that support of Microsoft Internet Explorer is not enough. Firefox support is now mandatory.”

The published report also shows that significant number of potential users cannot accept downloaded plug-ins to accommodate multiple platforms or multiple platforms.

Wolfgram added, “Presenting or conferencing online requires nearly perfect seamlessness between platforms and browsers. Our customers typically present to new audience members every day. Though the vast majority may use Windows and Internet Explorer, it is not acceptable to lose the remaining people, particularly Macintosh and Firefox users.”

According to Wolfgram, PresenterNet’s strategy is to support all three of the major platforms, and nearly all of the commonly used browsers.

PresenterNet has published this data in a report entitled “Survey of Web Conferencing User Requirements and Preferences”, available at:

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  1. if you use the shovel to get rid of all the marketing crappola, then you are left with one thing: IE (Spyglass Legacy Code) is not a marketable technology anymore.

    i guess, PresenterNet got hit hard with the ClueBat.

  2. “Izod and Hammer . . . it’s “loser,” not “looser.” And I agree with your intended sentiments exactly!”

    And if they had hovered over those words with their cursors while pressing Control-Command-D, they’d have known the difference! But maybe they don’t have Tiger?

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