DOOM comes to Apple iPod

“You wouldn’t think DOOM would be a possible (or even thought of for that matter) on Apple’s iPod, but the folks at iPod Linux have accomplished just that by working together,” Patrick Klepek reports for Computer Gaming World.

“The iPod port of DOOM works best on the expensive line of iPod Photos [sic] players, but the website stresses it only ‘sort of’ functions on first to fourth generation iPods and first and second generation iPod Minis,” Klepek reports.

Full article with images and links here.

The Linux on iPod DOOM page also includes QuickTime movies of the game in action on an iPod.

Note: Apple no longer sells “iPod photo” players. All Apple iPods (20GB or 60GB) now include the former “iPod photo” line’s features:


  1. Maybe he thinks there are still iPod photos because he’s working from a 3-month old cached copy of Apple’s Website? Or maybe he started writing this a long time ago and is a verrrry slow writer? Or, or….

  2. actually… i purchased my iPod 60GB w/ color screen the day after the change of name/price. and guess what – it *was* an ‘iPod photo.’ they had to get rid of all the old inventory first.

    i hear ya mdn… just saying.

  3. When I see stuff like this, I think, “Gosh, I wish I could be as smart as these software geniuses.” But then I think, “But hey! There is something I can do that they can’t! I can focus a video camera!!!”

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