Windows users’ questions and concerns answered about Windows to Mac switch

“The Mac is fashionable again, but I still hear a lot of arguments from Windows users afraid to make the switch. Here are some of those contentions, accompanied by reality checks,” Al Fasoldt writes for The Syracuse Post-Standard.

Fasoldt answers the following questions and concerns:
• What would I do with all my files?
• But what would I DO with all my files?
• I’d have to learn something new!
• What about my printer?
• What about my digital camera?
• Will my five-button mouse will work with a new Mac?
• And my new 5.1-channel speakers?
• My wireless headphones?
• My card reader?
• My thumb drive?
• My digital camcorder?

Basically, the article details what its headline states, “Macs can work with, yes, everything.”

Full article here.


  1. As an Apple Reseller it amazing the numbr of people who have ten or fifteen year old information about Apple computers. Maybe that info is perpetuated because there was little compatibility then.

    MW= human
    as in, to err is human

  2. people ask their local IT geek at work these questions in passing. The IT geeks are, by default, trained to spew lies about the Mac because if you get a mac, you’ll not need them.

    And if you don’t need them, then NO ONE will need them because what you don’t realize is that no one but you talks to them about computer stuff. If that stops, then they will be so lonley, and unemployed, that they will have to kill themselves.

    either that, or they are lazy.

    Either way, IT people are some of the most dead-weight employees on the planet for any company

  3. MDN links to a blood sucking registration type site again.


    So stop linking to sites that are designed to troll us with hit counts.

    Heck I can write better copy then this story.

  4. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    My whole company are IT geeks.

    We have a ‘Desktop-Support’ team and a ‘Macintosh-Desktop-Support’ team.

    We also have a mac helpdesk (Only 7 or 8 people out of the 60 on the ‘real’ helpdesk, but still cool,) and a ‘mac engineering’ team (of one.)

    It’s great hearing one of the ‘IT geeks’ tell the mac engineering guy what’s wrong with macintoshes. He trys to talk sense, but often he just ends up shaking his head and walking away.

  5. I regret to inform “the other steve jobs” that not all IT geeks are trained to spew lies and are ignorant about the Mac.

    Yes, many are ignorant, but not all of them (I for one am not ignorant of Macs).

    Personally, I’d rather see Macs used all over – they’d actually give real IT staff* more time to attend to solving business problems & writing new (internally used) applications (i.e. actually allow us to do the jobs many of us were hired to do), rather than fixing trivial and ridiculous issues which shouldn’t really exist in the first place (as happens with Windows). The other half of the equation is the seemingly low level of competence of many (non-technical) staff… but the argument then becomes “Why should they have to know?” Indeed, I don’t have to know how a car motor works to drive one, yet this is seemingly what Windows expects my knowledge to be.

    * real IT staff = people who actually know what they are doing with real computer science degrees to back them up vs dicks who go do vendor training, or a 3 month training course, or moved into I.T. from another discipline for the money.

  6. “the other steve jobs”

    I think your comments are a bit harsh, not all IT people/departments are anti-mac, by far the main reason for a lack mac’s in companies are because they are far too expensive to implement, and/or to make the switch, many mainstream packages are not available/supported on mac’s. And shelling out for a new office package for each machine (which is most likely to be MS Office) would cost a fortune.

    Yes windows is a truly deressing state of affairs, but macs have been, and will continue to be (for a long time to come IMO) a computer for specialist use, and not for everyday mainstream desktop use.

  7. hahaha.. Digital Camera..

    if you actually got it to work on the PC, you’re gonna go into convulsions with your new iBook..

    Step 1: Plug it in.
    Step 2: Stop drooling, it just works.

  8. James Hopkins: Reasses the situation in less than a years time. With the dawn of Intel Macs, there will no longer be the need to incur costs associated with software, as the new Macs will run x86 code and there fore all the Windows applications needed. And as for hardware upgrades, I should have thought a Mac mini will do very nicely, especially as it negates the costs of keyboards, mice and screen by allowing you to use all the old equipment (I mean this in the context they don’t pointlessly ship with those items; I know many WinTels also allow use of old equipment).

    Tim Coughlin

  9. I had one person tell me that Mac users aren’t technically adept.

    I was like, excuse me?!?!?

    I use both PC’s and Mac’s but I know Mac users are just as technically adept as PC users.

    I think there are many who still have this hippy image of Apple. Thus thinking we’re a bunch of idiots.

    I didn’t know idiots could invent the iPod and OS X.

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