Apple Mac users have no fear of viruses, worms due to use of superior technology

“I have no fear of viruses, worms or trojans infecting our computers at all. No, not all of the family members are computer geeks like me but it is just a matter of identifying and using superior technology when you see it,” Rom Feria writes for The Manilla Bulletin.

“I have two Apple powerbooks, a 15” and a 12” powerbook running Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.4 or Tiger. In addition, there is another computer running Linux that is being used by my brother and sister. These are connected, wired and wirelessly, on a single network to a Linksys broadband router running Linux as its firmware. Although there are viruses for the Mac OS X and Linux in the labs, there are no known viruses on these platforms (ok, there may be some but not in the order of magnitude as those infecting the other platform). However, there may be trojans out there that are distributed thanks to unsuspecting users. So far, I have not heard of a massive infection the same way that viruses, worms and trojans infect the other platform,” Feria writes.

“It is often argued that virus creators target the system with the most number of users. Whilst it is true to some extent, it is also because of how the system is designed. If it is designed to be easy to exploit, then you will find more viruses, worms and trojans,” Feria writes. “This is where superior technology comes in. Mac OS X, which is Unix-based similar to Linux, does not allow applications to be installed without the user entering the administrator (or root) password. In circumstances that applications are installed by the user (without admin/root password), the possible infection is contained within that user’s space only and not the entire system. This is how the system is designed. This is also why it is NOT encouraged for users to login as administrator or root for their day-to-day basic computer use.”

“Linux and Mac users often ask me this question. My simple answer is no, if you know how to deal with e-mail attachments, spyware and avoid downloading from untrusted web sites,” Feria writes. “So, if you are tired of being paranoid about your computer system getting infected, try a much more superior technology – use Linux or Mac. So, would you rather live in fear and be dictated as to where you want to go today OR just think differently and live in an open but secure environment? The decision is yours.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are zero Mac OS X viruses.

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  1. first first post…

    I’ve been a mac user since my IIc… the switch to OSX virtually eliminated my need for virus protection. In the 5 years since I loaded OSX on I’ve detected one virus, and that was a windows virus my son loaded from a gaming site.

    It just works….

  2. lol… checked the calender…. time must fly when you’re having fun on a mac….

    it’s been 4 years since OSX came out… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. And I just had the following conversation with a guy in my lab

    friend: “Your computer has a better GUI than mine.”
    me: “That’s why it takes me longer to get stuff done on Windows.”
    friend: “I can see why.”

    Can someone please remind me why people use Windows.

  4. [I don’t live in fear of any of the above either.]

    Yes, you’re too busy patchin’ and DLing NAV updates to ever spend a moment in fear.

    [Gotta love you mac zealots. Spreading disinformation, 24/7.]

    Yeah, Everyone that uses a Mac is a zealot and a perpetual liar.

    I should switch to Windows. NOT!

    I love how WinZealots are always spouting off that the virus, infections, spyware, trojans, and adware problems don’t exist because THEY never have these problems.

    I guess the 150 million folks that do complain about V.I.S.T.A., are MacZealots!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. NoMacForYou wrote,

    “Gotta love you mac zealots. Spreading disinformation, 24/7.”

    So why am I on the phone to my Uncle, trying to work out why Norton has just told him his computer has got a virus, and right now he’s in Safe Mode (what a joke, probably the most secure state Windows can be in) trying to wipe a virus from his XP PeeCee?

    Disinformation is a tool used best by Microsoft.

  6. Jamie,

    Your uncle is a dolt. Tell him to immediately unplug his computer. Have him stick to using radios. Hopefully that won’t be too complicated for him.

  7. [Your uncle is a dolt.]

    NMFY’s ‘How to win friends and influence people’.

    [Tell him to immediately unplug his computer. Have him stick to using radios. Hopefully that won’t be too complicated for him.]

    Ah, the old ‘If you’re not willing to learn all the ‘nuances’ of Windows – even when you just want to email – then you are stupid or you’re a MacZealot’ argument.

  8. NMFY, insulting anonomous posters on the internet just about sums up your anal attitude to life (in general).

    And appleguy is right, I should tell him to unplug his computer, it’ll be the safest PC in the world!

    One more thing, go and take your face for a shit, you pathetic, piss-soaked turdwipe.


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