Apple’s pending Intel switch not hurting PowerPC-based Mac sales

“If you are wondering whether Apple’s switch to Intel will put buyers off, the evidence at the moment seems to be: no. Here’s a simple way to take the pulse of the PC market, whenever you feel like it: Go to the computer section of Amazon and click on the top sellers link under the ‘computers‘ tab. This will show you Amazon’s list of top selling computers – updated every hour. Apple computers normally occupy half of the top ten slots (at the time of writing they occupy 5 of the top 6). This indicator showed no drop in demand following the Intel announcement. Of course, demand may diminish in the coming months, but I suspect that most buyers don’t care too much about it either way,” Robin Bloor writes for IT-Analysis.

Full article, including Bloor’s take on the “iPhone” and the “iPod Halo Effect,” here.

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  1. The MacDaddy-Oh!:

    In a previous post you said you lived near Charlotte. We’re thinking of moving down there soon. I would like to ask you a few questions about the area. email me if you’re willing.

  2. And what kind of IQ do you need to realize that your PC box is worthless when crippled with spyware? How smart is it to simply replace said PC every six months to avoid a system re-installation? These are, of course, rhetorical questions.

    /I like cheese.

  3. “The IQ level of the Apple idiots isn’t high enough to comprehend that they are buying instant legacyware”

    First of there has already been a study that shows most mac buyers are more educated and affluent than their beer drinking NASCAR devouring PC counterparts. Secondly, saying that people are buying into legacyware is irrelevant since ALL computers are legacy at some point. I just bought a PM G5 in the last 6 months and I have no problem with this switch. I’ve read the details, unlike drones such as yourself’ and realize that there is plenty of life left in the PowerPC platform from a longevity standpoint. But you wouldnt know about longevity being a troll PC user who probably has to replace his box every year or two because of low quality and security issues.

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