Microsoft employees squeamish about ‘podcast’ term, try using ‘blogcast’ instead

“One of the bigger trends on the Internet right now is ‘podcasting,’ in which someone can subscribe to amateur and professional audio programs, automatically downloaded to a portable device. The name is derived from the words broadcasting and iPod, Apple Computer’s music player. And that poses a slight problem for Microsoft employees who want to take part in the trend. The iPod uses a music format that rivals Microsoft’s Windows Media, and Microsoft software, in turn, runs devices that compete with the iPod,” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

“So how do you create a ‘podcast’ without implicitly acknowledging the ubiquity of the product from one of your company’s competitors? Why, you ‘blogcast,’ of course. That slightly awkward name, apparently derived from the words weblog and broadcast, is being used by several Microsoft employees to offer their own audio programs over the Internet,” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Note to Microsoft employees using the term “blogcast” instead of podcast: you’re looking foolish. You lost. Get used to it, more losing is on the way. The Age of Mediocrsoft is ending.

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  1. 1. billy should just give up; his crappy systems are now passe’.
    2. english is a germanic language, not frog.
    3. yes, it would be interesting to be able to get some bimbo canned for fobbing off something else as an iPod.

  2. TheConfuzed1

    Left Rear Tire–

    Who here hasn’t cringed when someone says “open a new WINDOW’ while referring to a Mac application.

    Ummm… Mac had “windows” before Windows ever did. Why would you cringe?

    Sorry, it was meant both as sarcasm and a warnng. Microsoft claims windows because they named the product after something that already existed. I saw a correlation to this and thought it was ironic they didn’t want to take credit fr it.

  3. Who cares?

    This whole podcasting thing is being touted way too much. What is the big deal about podcasting? It is just another thing to download to your iPod. So what?

    I tried it and it got really old quick. Listen to some jerkoff or “news” program full of commercials AFTER it is broadcast? Wow. Then have to manually delete from the iPod after I am done with it? Lame.

    And these “bloggers” are getting annoying too. Everybody has to spew his thoughts for other people totally uninterested in what they have to say.

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