Canadian woman files iPod battery lawsuit

“Ines Lenzi loves listening to tunes on her sleek, stylish iPod. What she hates is when the batteries run out after only three hours of play,” Allison Hanes reports for The Montreal Gazette. “The Montreal woman this week decided to take a step down the trail blazed recently by a group of fellow followers of the digital music craze in California. She filed an action in Quebec Superior Court seeking certification for a class action lawsuit against Apple Canada Inc., the maker of the iconic iPod.”

Full article here.

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  1. Hmm, maybe I should sue Nokia because my cell phone battery is doing the same thing. Granted, it’s two years old and it would only cost $69 to replace the battery, but it’s easier to just sue them right? Geez, what a waste of the court system…

  2. Doesn’t the iPod battery replacement program fix this? Granted it’s pretty hard to find a sales receipt from 2-3 years ago but still a law suite? The reason to sue in her position is if she went to the apple store multiple times and they laughed at her face and told her tuff luck.

  3. I wonder how much her lawyer’s fees and filing fees are costing her. $70canadian to replace an iPod battery would just seem cheap by comparison, wouldn’t it?

    There are a lot of details missing in this article, so we’ll have to see how this pans out.

  4. and maybe we should all sue our corresponding car manufacturers for not getting the mileage in the big numbers on the sticker (forget that there is a disclaimer). can’t dig this too much without knowing the details of the complaint, but i’d be careful in case this lady has a bunch of digits in her freezer (aka chili toppings).

  5. One of my co-workers bought a 3rd generation iPod and did not run an updater designed to fix a known charging problem. He’d slam the thing around (several times) on a desk, cursing, “f’n p.o.s!” Nice way to treat a piece of computer hardware! After the techs at an Apple Store looked it over, ran the update, then repeated got run times of over 8 hours, the owner continued to slap the iPod around and make a scene for the rest of us. I guarantee he’d be first in line for any class action suits.

    MW: “issue” as in people with anthropomorphic issues should not be allowed to use machines.

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