Windows Sober.p poised to attack this Monday; Macintosh unaffected

“Monday may be a very bad day, a security researcher said Friday as he warned that the aggressive Sober worm of early May is timed to download new code the first day of next workweek. Sober.p, the mass-mailed worm that spread voraciously by virtue of its offer of free World Cup tickets, is poised to launch another attack Monday, said Dmitri Alperovitch, a research engineer with an Alpharetta, Ga.-based security firm CipherTrust. ‘At the moment, the payload is unknown, but it may be another form of spam, like Sober.q; more malicious code, like another virus; or a denial-of-service attack,'” Gregg Keizer reports for TechWeb News.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Macintosh is unaffected. This is quite an ingenious and potentially very dangerous Sober variant as you can see from the full article. Windows users, there really is a better way – a much better way. Our Windows-only readers should consider adding a safe, secure, and powerful Mac OS X machine to their computing arsenals. For information about how to do so smoothly, please click here.

For inexpensive entry to the Mac platform, you might want to take a look at Apple’s new Mac Mini which starts at just US$499 — it just might be the perfect machine for you. And don’t forget to order it with 512MB RAM, you’ll want it.

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  1. Ron,

    You made Sum’s point very clearly. Thank you.

    Our nation’s freedom has not been truly attacked since the Civil War, except by the right wing wackos. Their mission is not freedom, but dominance and oppression. And it is truly ironic that their “mascot” was a left-wing radical pacifist.

    Truly ironic.

  2. a friend of mine used to send me messages about pending virus attacks and suggestions on how to protect my computer. i kept telling him that i had a Mac and wasnt affected by Windows nasties.

    finally, one day i sat down with him and asked him… “Just what happens when you get this (add name here) virus? How does it work?” and then i sat quietly and listened while they explained, asking revelant questions now and then. once i had the full explanation i said: “I asked you that because I’d never actually had one and wondered how it affected a computer.” when they asked how i managed that i replied with a shrug, sheepishly… “I have a Mac.” i went on to tell them that i had been connected to the ‘net for 2 1/2 years without antivirus software and watched their jaw drop. they then told me that i was crazy and that i was going to hose my computer. i informed them that according to Symantic there were no known, proven viruses for Mac OS X in the wild and that OS X had been on the market and virus free for 4 years. they still insisted that i was going to get hosed. then i asked how long did they think their computer would last on the ‘net without antivirus software and they answered “…just minutes”.
    then i said, “I’ve been on a high-speed connection, 24/7 for two years without antivirus. If what you said is true, don’t you think my Mac would have been fried by now?”


    today, they’re trying to decide which PowerMac G5 to buy.

  3. Well said Sum Jung Gai!


    if you know your bible, you’ll know that Sum Jung Gai
    has got it right.
    Jesus was indeed a “left-wing radical pacifist who opposed the government and capitalist principles at every opportunity”
    Like Sum Jung Gai, I’ve never understood why so many middle class, right-wing, conservatives adopt such a radical, left-wing revolutionary like Jesus as their figure head.

  4. No response to… Put a switch on the computer, to turn OFF the disk drive. If the disk drive is not moving, I want someone to tell me how anyone can get a virus. You put the switch on the computer-for what? 2 cents? And there there is NO possibilaty of a virus! So… Still no respose?

  5. Yes, but I’m talking about today, Jesus has never condoned all this killing of the unborn. He gave us free will so that we could condemn or save ourselves.

    And he still has a Mac!

  6. Yeah ron, you go boy. Forget all the millions of people slaughtered in the name of Jesus Christ over the centuries and to this day. Forget about the religious nuts who commit acts of terrorism outside family planning clinics and murder innocent people. Forget about the religious nuts who send anthrax in the U.S. Mail. Just concentrate on that one issue. One that the Bible doesn’t mention and Jesus didn’t preach about.

    Then if you wake up someday and find yourself in a sea of flames surrounded by eternal evil and a devil poking you in the ass with a pitchfork for all time, you can say, “Yeah but Planned Parenthood, man! Those guys are Baaaaaad.”

  7. okay, now I have to weigh in.

    if people acted responsibly, i.e. use birth control, then abortions would not be necessary at all! talking about pro life or pro choice is completely bypassing the more important question: birth control. I would call myself a liberal who is opposed to abortions not because it’s a question of choice, but because it’s so damn unnecessary!! (save, of course, for sexual assaults, etc.) please, don’t reduce the liberal platform to life or death for embryos. that’s not the issue! it’s a much broader question tied to whether you feel like your life should be prescribed, or subscribed. if you understood that liberals want people to live life more freely, but still responsibly, then there would be no liberal/conservative dichotomy. instead, people would be talking about goverment, rights, choices, etc.

    now, yes, Jesus was a left leaning liberal. why? because he opposed the big government (Rome) which had used its ends to justify its means. Jesus never dictated how people should live. instead, they should want to choose to live a certain way. if not, they would hold themselves responsible rather than blaming someone else. Jesus acknowledged mistakes, difficulties, etc. He did not claim that “freedom” – whatever that means, justified all means and methods, including the subversion of democracy and REAL freedom.

    please, keep in mind that nothing is black and white, and please think for yourselves. if people were responsible in this day and age, how many discussions of pro life or choice would be unnecessary? it’s not that difficult, people.

  8. Yup, some Mac people are insane. Fortunately, I’m a Mac user and not insane like Ron, Charko, Dave and Sum Wacky Gai.

    Ron: “Yes, but I’m talking about today, Jesus has never condoned all this killing of the unborn.”

    Killing the unborn? Yes, of course, Jesus never condone killing ANYONE and last I heard conservatives were “Pro-Life” and liberals or leftists are “Pro-Death”, as in abortion. Jesus was definitely not a leftist.

    Charko: Jesus was indeed a “left-wing radical pacifist who opposed the government and capitalist principles at every opportunity”

    Wrong, Jesus was a radical in the sense that he was against repressive governments and theocracies like many of the Islamic nations of today. He basically told the Pharisees and Rome to go to hell and was killed for it. He would tell Osama Bin Laden and Al-Zarqawri the same today. He was also against “GREED” not capitalism, basically saying “why do you concern yourself with amassing riches when you can’t take it with you when you die.” Yes, he threw out the money changers from the church, but hell, doing business in a sacred place of worship is sooo not cool. I would have kicked them out too!

    Dave: “Our nation’s freedom has not been truly attacked since the Civil War, except by the right wing wackos.”

    Tell that to the families of the 3000 people that lost their freedom on 9/11 at the hands of 19 Islamic wackos. You are a sick puppy.

    Dave: “and it is truly ironic that their “mascot” was a left-wing radical pacifist.”

    Think a left-wing pacifist would risk their life to stand up to a murderous mob ready to stone a woman to death? Pacifist…..NOT!

    You guys are morons and have a perverse perception of Jesus. Get some sense, please.

    – Flame away…..don’t forget to use your profane language either.

  9. no idea what you tools are blabbing about.. check into CNET on Monday for the ultimate spin

    … or censored coverage.

    I can see it now: “Phone calls to Redmond were not immediately returned.”

    Face it, a potential hack (Dashboard) gets more press than this thing will (a real scary virus) on CNET.

    So much for the security through obscurity thing. If a real virus existed on OS X, do you have any idea how much press there would be?

  10. A large chunk of the Internet runs on Windows servers as do ATMs, POS Check/Credit Card Clearing, Telephone Switching, Remote Sensing for Utilities and many critical applications. At work we are having a nightmare with a Konica/Minolta DICOM (Medical Image Protocol) Printer that is acting like a demon-possessed crack addict. When talking with tech support I found out it is running embedded Windows. Great. Just great…
    While your Mac may not get the virus, many things you use every day may well be affected by the virus. Your ISP may well be affected and could leave you and your Mac in the dark.

  11. No, Christ of Nazareth was a famous Rabbi born in 0 AD. He didn’t have a Mac. Or electricity. Or indoor plumbing. Or dental hygiene or a proper hairbrush or deodorant.

    Actually, there’s no historical reference to a Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth, most likely a composite character made into a “prophet” for the nascent Christian sect followers. Since the only mention is in “the Bible,” what people would be better served by is reading about the history of the Bible not the book itself, just as important as Muslims reading The Satanic Verses. Remember the Crusades and the Inquisition?

    This country was not founded on the Christian religion, which is definitely news to the Bible thumpers. George Washington said so himself in the Treaty of Tripoli 1796, signed into law by president John Adams.

    Perhaps the anti-virus programs for Mac mislead Windows users into thinking there are viruses that affect Macs. I don’t have any, and don’t intend to get any. Windows users are on their own.

  12. Er… Neomonkey. Sorry, not true about thre being no historical reference to Jesus Christ. A contemporary historian is Josephus (surely you’ve heard of him) who was pro-Roman and Jewish so was not a follower of the “nascent Christian sect”. That term is also a misnomer as in its early years, Christianity was viewed as a sect of Judaism. anyway, Josephus does mention the trial and resurrection of Jesus.

    Hope that clears up any confusion in the minds of readers.

    Also, there may be one or two more contemporary references but I forget the names of the Roman historians. Will let you know if I remember.

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