‘Obese-sized black lesbian’ files sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit against Apple Computer

A Lesbian, formerly employed by Apple Computer as a human resources compensation consultant, has slapped one of the nation’s largest computer manufacturers with a discrimination lawsuit.

This lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco, may be one of the largest discrimination lawsuits filed against Apple Computer by a Lesbian.

The amended complaint, filed on May 16, 2005, alleges that Shaune Patterson was suspended for one month and then subsequently wrongfully terminated from her position, after she complained that her white counterparts, who were junior to her, were making higher salaries than she was. Patterson alleges that the suspension came one day after she complained of racial discrimination.

Patterson, who has an MBA from the University of Texas, amended her complaint to include claims of sexual orientation and genetic characteristic discrimination. Prior to her one-month suspension, Patterson alleges that one of Apple’s managers wrote a memo describing her as a “rather obese-sized black lesbian.” According to Patterson’s attorney, Waukeen McCoy, “Apple discounted my client’s achievements, choosing to base the decision to discipline not on her performance, but rather on her size, race, and sexual orientation.” McCoy was the lead plaintiffs’ attorney in one of the largest U.S. History racial discrimination suit, Carroll v. Interstate Brands Corporation, which rendered a verdict for $133 million in August of 2000.

Source: PRNewswire.


  1. If its true, Apple deserves a little more than a slap on the wrist…

    However isn’t Apple very liberal? Discrimination just doesn’t seem to fit their persona…

    Interesting the development of this story will be.

  2. I take it the person in question is not from the island of “Lesbos”; therefore you shouldn’t be capitalizing “lesbian” unless, as always with MDN, there is some proselytizing involved.

    At least we know MDN is always evenhanded when it comes to platform comparisons…

  3. Human Resources has to be one of the most bloated (hah) and wasteful parts of a company. All these losers do is turn into demi-Gods who have the illusory belief that they are actually managerial and important. These people go into HR because they aren’t qualified for anything else.

  4. “Apple discounted my client’s achievements, choosing to base the decision to discipline not on her performance, but rather on her size, race, and sexual orientation.”

    What achievements? Eating a lot of Krispy Kremes?

    “Patterson alleges that the suspension came one day after she complained of racial discrimination”

    Can you say, “Gold digger?” I knew you could.

  5. “…claims of sexual orientation and genetic characteristic discrimination.”

    Gimme a fscking break.

    This is simply another ‘Anna Ayala’ making vacuous allegations to try and get a wad of cash out of Apple.

    Hey Shaune, do your damn job and you won’t get fired.

  6. I’m a little in shock at the immature posts being left here by readers. This lawsuit isn’t a joke, and neither is attacking the person filing the suit. If there is any truth to the accusations, then Apple must find the manager who created the memo, and discipline them, even going as far as firing them. There is no excuse for such behavior in corporations these days. However, if she is bringing this lawsuit against Apple without any facts to support her case, then she has little chance to win.

    It is entirely possible, that this is a case of someone who is trying to play the role of a victim, bringing attention to themselves. I have seen this in the past. “I’m not like you, you don’t understand me, I don’t like being left out, I’ll make you pay attention to me.” and of course, this causes problems within the company, and so the ‘troublemaker’ is released from their job, only to come back and cause a bigger problem.

    I’m going to watch this particular case closely. I want to know if there is any basis for it, or if this is a case of someone taking advantage of Political Correctness to gain money, or revenge over something.

  7. Oh freaking please. It is so not true. I’m so sick of racial discrimination law suits. THEY ARE ALL CRAP.

    White counterparts make more. My guess is the white counterparts work harder, don’t run around worrying about their whiteness as part of their daily routine, let alone thier sexual orientation.

    All these suits do is harm people. Yup, American Business folk, think long and hard before you hire gays, lesbians, women, or black people. Especially any combination of those. One false step and you get sued for a hundred million dollars.

  8. Dak Roland. Give it a fricking break.

    This is just a case of a big fat black lesbian looking to get rich quick.

    “Oh woe is me. I’m a big fat black lesbian, and all those skinny white normal people don’t like me.”

    Lose some fricking weight and stop bothering people about your race and sexuality. Concentrate on the job and everything will be fine.

  9. And another thing… how does she know how much others make unless she’s abused her positiion in HR to check their salaries. She should be fired for that alone.

  10. I dunno. Suing in America for obscene amounts is just too prevalent. If this person got canned for the wrong reasons then I guess she should get some compensation but 133 million is ridiculous.

    The size of the settlements that come thru pretty much guarantee that people are gonna be suing if they even have a wisp of a chance of a settlement. Much better odds than buying a lottery ticket I would say. Companies have to think of this as one of the costs of doing business I guess. And we all know who the costs of business end up getting passed along to – We the Consumers.

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