Defiant Steve Jobs calls environmentalists’ claims ‘B.S.’

“A defiant Steve Jobs lashed out for the first time publicly against activists who claim Apple Computer Inc. has irresponsible environmental policies for recycling products like old Macintoshes and iPods,” Benny Evangelista reports for The San Francisco Chronicle. “Speaking at an annual shareholders meeting at the company’s Cupertino headquarters, Apple’s chief executive said environmental activists are spreading false information about the company’s policies and using the popularity of the iPod digital music player to gain publicity for themselves.”

Evangelista reports, “‘They have good taste in picking the iPod, but that doesn’t make their false statements true,’ Jobs said. ‘To say we’re insensitive or irresponsible is just bull—-.'”

Full article here.


  1. Apple products are much more environmentally friendly than PCs. People tend to use them much longer and will usually hang onto them due to emotional attachment.

  2. Way to go Steve! The more the craziness of these groups is pointed out the better. Apple, like most comapnies, has acted very responsibly, yet they get criticized when they do not do enough in the eyes of some. Most companies just cave in.

  3. Like most major corporations I’m sure Apple could improve but they are not the biggest environmental culprit out there. That would be Wal-Mart which promotes suburban sprawl…

  4. Bandit Bill has a point, I still have 2 SE/30s, a IIfx, a IIvx, a PM6100DOS, 2 G3s, a clamshell iBook, an iMac G3, a wallsteet Powerbook, an eMac G4, and an iMac G4. All of which are rarely used thanks to much newer hardware. (I do play MacSoft Monopoly on one of the SE/30s every once in a while!)

  5. WHAT???? Dude…Steve wears a turtle neck…he’s one of them…why are they attacking him?

    sounds like someone got some beef jerky mixed in with their granola.

  6. iPuke when I read stuff like this.
    These protestors only picked the one of the only world wide recognized computer product brand.

    To call Apple irresposible for charging a $30 fee to recycle a product is silly. Why should Apple flip the bill.

    I’m not sure about iPods and other computer products, but I recently bought a 27″ tv (in Alberta, Canada) and I was charged around $30 at point of sale for a disposal fee. It seemed like a rippoff. But I understand. It’s been happening on tires for a long time and it is a sure way to collect the fees.

  7. Oops, The following:

    “These protestors only picked the one of the only world wide recognized computer product brand.”

    Should have read:
    The protestors only picked the iPod because it is recognized world wide.

    Thanks for the free advertising to sell more iPods ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Hey Dab2,

    You and my nephew would get along nicely. We can’t keep him out of the thrift stores. He’s always bringing home legacy computer products. Most came out before he was born.

    We had to pause the Napoleon Dynamite movie (during the thrift store scene) so he could identify all the products.

  9. Bandit Bill:

    You stole my thunder!

    Details on the Alberta disposal fee (from the Apple website) here:,45

    What we don’t need is a manufacturer’s fee on the equipment for disposal plus a tax on the equipment for disposal. However, cynic that I am, I think that’s exactly what we are going to get.

    BTW, Alberta’s politics are very conservative by Canadian standards. The party in power is called the “Progressive Conservative” party.

  10. These Envirocons (ie: Neocons and Theocons) are just attacking a high profile target to get attention. Apple is far from one being in the top 100 polluters in the world. Apple ain’t perfect, but there are far worse offenders when it comes to contributing to waste and pollution. I say it’s the responsibiltiy of the consumer to recycle if they want to. It’s not the manufacturer’s responsibility nor should it be mandated by the government.

    Here’s their website:

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