BofA: Apple could launch new iPod product ‘as early as June’

“Banc of America Securities expects Apple Computer to launch a new iPod product ‘as early as June’ to help stimulate demand and market share. Banc of America assumes that iPod unit shipments decrease to 4.8 million units in the fiscal third quarter ending June from 5.3 million units in the second quarter. The research firm noted that its model incorporates ‘some seasonal softness’ and with flat revenue guidance from Apple’s last conference call, ‘we imagine that investors are looking to flat to slightly down MP3 sales, and strength in CPUs,'” Forbes reports.

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  1. I would hate it if Apple just started releasing products to please market expectations, instead of releasing products when they have something solid and well-thought-out.

  2. I don’t know why anyone thinks this is unreasonable.. it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if following all the Xmas iPod hype, and the Shuffle hype, sales tail off just a bit. Its no bad reflection on Apple, so no need to get defensive ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Isn’t it fair to say that the “drop-off” in iPod unit shipments in the quarter ended in March is actually not a drop-off at all, since it’s a post-holiday quarter, and considering that it’s amazing that sales held as steady as they did?

    Historically, have devices like the iPod ever seen quarter-upon-quarter of growth? Doesn’t sound like that’d be realistic.

  4. I would be very surprised if iPod unit sales drop–I predict a 5%-10% unit sales increase compared to the previous quarter, with about a 2%-5% revenue increase. That’s a conservative estimate. The iPod phenomenon is continuing…

  5. It would seem that as the iTunes music store is made available in more countries, more iPods will be sold. It seems that there won’t be a loss in demand since the iTunes Store is only in 15 countries. I’m sure Apple still has other tricks up their sleeves to increase the overall funtionality in future iPod devices. I personally would love to have a iPod mini with universal remote control functionality that uses both infrared and bluetooth to control computers and entertainment equipment with easy to use menu sreens. Perhaps dashboard widgets could be displayed on this future iPod when in range of the computer or connected to it. Allowing one to scroll through the actively running widgets to choose a favorite to display on the iPod screen.

  6. If they come out with a new iPod with enough new features I will probably get one. The big surprises are yet to come this year, and I think everybody is following their NDAs a lot more because of the recent crackdown by Apple. WWDC is going to be a blow out.

  7. Year of HD.. Watching movies on a small screen is useless..

    The best Apple can do is launch a rental site for 99 cents each (streaming) and own movies for 4.99-9.99

    It has to be a VERY good deal.. 10 bucks for a movie is fine, extra features? meh..

    Where are the Apple Sattelites..

    iPods can hold movies so you can take them anywhere, but.. is that really compelling? *shrug

  8. The iPod needs to develop into a wireless Personal Universal Remote for all devices a user interacts with. TV, music, computer, even ATMs. It would then be the only controller anyone needed to call up, scroll and select from dedicated menu lists displayed exclusively on the iPod screen. Hardware companies would be granted a licence from Apple to write their own menu software Apps for the iPod.

    Without beginning to add this extra functionality, Apple could soon be facing trouble from the mobile phone companies and their music plans.

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