Apple makes multiple new Support RSS Feeds available

Apple has added multiple new Support RSS Feeds where users can stay up-to-date with Apple’s latest technical support articles.

All RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from Apple are based on the RSS 2.0 specification. RSS is a standard for syndicating frequently updated content from a site via a newsreader. To use the feeds listed on this page, drag the “XML” image for each subscription you want into the Subscriptions pane of the newsreader application window.

Apple recommends the NetNewsWire reader for keeping on top of events as they happen. Subscribe to the latest news from Apple, Mac media and other news sources. NetNewsWire keeps your subscription in one pane, the articles from a subscription in another, as well as a small window with link and short summary of these articles. You can quickly see news at a glance to see whether you want to read the full story. More info and download link for NetNewsWire here.

MacDailyNews has added the feed for Apple’s 10 most-recent General Support items to the bottom of our left column. MacDailyNews’ left column features live, continuously updated feeds from many popular Apple and Mac-related sites. In addition, our MacDailyNews RSS feed is available here (or via the orange XML graphic at the bottom of every page).

All of the new Apple Support RSS feeds are listed here.

[UPDATE, 5:38pm: fixed NetNewsWire sentence.]


  1. I have been reading these feeds for about a month now. Are these new ones or are they just surfacing? I guess i’ll have to watch and see if my current ones are still live.

  2. “Apple recommends NetNewsWire reader for keeping on top of events as they happen with NetNewsWire.”

    Winston recommends copy editing to avoid redundancy because redundancy is redundant.

  3. Winston: Good one.

    On a related note, I wonder if Apple will still be recommending NetNewsWire after Mac OS X 1.4 with Safari RSS is released? I think we all know the answer to that question…

  4. I never could understand the concept of online support…

    If I can get online, I don’t need “support”…
    If I can’t get online, how can I get to the online support?

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