Setting up Apple’s Mail for sending and receiving Google’s Gmail

“Google Inc. opened up its Gmail Web mail service to a wider scope of users on Monday by randomly offering, for the first time, accounts to some visitors of the main page. Until Monday, to get a Gmail account, a user had to be invited to the service by either Google or an existing Gmail user,” Juan Carlos Perez reports for IDG News. “‘We just started (on Monday) offering Gmail accounts to a randomly selected sample on Google,’ said Marissa Mayer, Google’s director of consumer Web products. ‘It’s a natural step to leverage the wider user base of to grow Gmail.'”

Perez reports, “About one in 20 visitors are getting the Gmail account offer, Mayer said. ‘Based on the success of this one-in-20 scope, we’ll be ramping it up over the next couple of weeks,’ she said.”

Full article here.

Google has posted instructions for configuring Apple Mail for Gmail’s POP, or Post Office Protocol, which lets you download messages from Gmail’s servers onto your computer so you can send, receive, and manage your Gmail with Apple’s Mail. There’s no need to use the web-based Google Gmail, if you don’t wish to do so. Gmail doesn’t currently support IMAP access. Illustrated instructions for configuring Apple Mail here. We followed the instructions and they worked perfectly for us using Apple Mail 1.3.9 (v619/619.2).

Instructions for other email client applications here.


  1. What’s new?? Got Gmail running in for about two months now. Works great, accept the connection sometimes fails.

    However, a friend says, that this problem is solved in Tiger, so…
    We’ll have to wait.

  2. My friend and I just got gmail accounts and set up to work with gmail, except every time mail goes to connect to gmail, our passwords are rejected. Any idea how to fix this?


  3. I’m confused… what’s different about Gmail?
    If it uses POP, Apple Mail has supported that for a long time. Mail supports both POP and IMAP. These are two common e-mail standards (emphasis on standards). Why would connecting to Gmail from Mail be so… extraordinary. I fail to see the novelty.
    Passwords are a different matter. There are a variety of password identification methods and from what I recall, Apple included the most common. I doubt Gmail uses a uncommon authentication scheme.

  4. Ethan:
    You have to enable your gmail account for POP mail, I had the same problem and spent 3 hrs going through the google help menu.

    Just click on settings, Forwarding and POP, and click the check-box to enable POP.

  5. Ray and Ethan:

    1) In the username box, use the “” at the end.

    2) In Gmail Mail Settings, after enabling your account for POP mail, click “Save Changes”.

  6. will gmail still filter junk when set up for IMAP/POP? since I set up my gmail account my JUNK mailbox averages over 200 junk messages. I’d hate for all that to end up in my inbox in Mail if I go IMAP or POP.

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