Apple’s developer tools hint at dual-core processors and quad Power Macs

“Earlier this week, a MacRumors Page 2 article reported that the most recent Apple CHUD Developer tools had made minor UI changes allowing for the possibility of upcoming Quad processor Macs,” arn reports for Mac Rumors. “More evidence pointing specifically to Quad processor support, however, can be seen in the seen posted here showing checkboxes for 4 CPUs. Of even more interest, however, [are] internal references to a processor called the PPC 970MP.”

More info, screenshots, and links here.


  1. Mac developers have to write their applications with multiple processors in mind. Good thing that Apple does this with their own applications. I am sure that Final Cut Pro will do even more amazing things in real-time with so many processors.

  2. I distinctly remember being shouted down a couple of years ago when I suggested that it was inevitable that Apple would ship a 4-way box.

    So, yah boo sucks to all those involved.

  3. so, does this mean we can start dreaming of a “quad-Cell” Power Mac ??

    Oh….what a dream machine that would be…. but, the Ram sticks would probably be expensive !

  4. could somebody please help me with this; how do these differ from say the conventional dual processors that we use now??? Sorry to be a pain, I just haven’t figured this one out……

    Thanks for the spoon feeding……


  5. The 970MP has been long expected to be used in our Mac’s.

    It’s a dual core, two processors on one chip with shared cache. Really not much more powerful than what we already have in the Dual Processor PowerMac’s.

    It will not be much any faster either in clock speed or cooler running chips. But because of the smaller size it might be possible to get one into a Powerbook with elaborate cooling, which will sell like hotcakes.

    Intel and AMD is coming out with thier own to go into all PC’s across the board and supposely “Longhorn” will require it as the OS is so big it will require a whole chip to itself.

    Not many programs can utilize multiple processors as A has to be done be B can be performed.

    Where the benifit comes in with multiple processors is daisy chaining large work flows, like a assembly line, every processor does a little part.

    With the Cell processor and multiple cores on one chip, the sub processors can even hand off work to the other processors that are not busy as they all communicate with each other. Very interesting and most likely my next PowerMac Mac upgrade purchase.

    I’ll take a dual core Powerbook though. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. MCCFR: I was dreaming of a 6-way box, my friend said 10.
    They all laughed. That was at least 5 years ago.
    Did you read my post and think only 4 was smarter way to go?
    Guess you were right….again!

    Apple should hire you!

    What is your next prediction?

  7. AppleRules, how would a dual core chip get into a PB where a single core chip could not? Its not a size issue, its a heat issue, since Apple will not change the Size/shape of the PB very much to be the mammoth “portables” which have the AMD 64s. Hell, the iMac is as portable as those.
    Please someone correct me if Im wrong, but I dont believe the dual corre share cache, they have their own, they just talk to each other faster and can share the workload more efficiently that 2 seperate processors. Also, as this story shows, with 2 in a PM, you would have 4 processors rather than 2, now we just need a dual core grafx chip and it will run even Doom 3 at 300fps ^_^

  8. Quad CPU’d mac’s are, I’d bet, intended for X-serves.

    Not to say that desktop versions won’t appear, but quad or more cpu’s are usually intended for servers.

  9. Xserves are selling well.

    Unless there is a demand for such product I don’t if Apple will rock that boat quite yet.

    If the MP chips are truly available, they may be slated for the PowerMac. Those machine have little demand because all the power users are waiting for a 3 GHz DP.

    Coming out with a Quad 2.5 GHz PM may be carrot these guys need.

  10. AMD just announced their mobile 64bit CPU. Apple and IBM need to address this issue ASAP.

    Apple has been on the forefront of new technology. To allow M$ to be on a 64bit laptop would not look good for Apple.

  11. Me13: Yes, I do bear grudges – I blame the esoteric blend of Middle Eastern genetics, but then again I might just be a grumpy bastard.

    Gringot: Yes, you’re right, they should hire me! And here’s another prediction – 4-way/8-core Xserves that can be knitted together using a low-latency high-speed fabric, like Infiniband, to create large NUMA clusters that scale to 512 processors or maybe more, for either scientific or commercial data processing/warehousing. Apple finally has large-scale RDBMS support from Oracle and Sybase, and they should exploit it to the full by going after Sun Microsystems’ customer base with a product line that will scale from one processor (the current Xserve) to my killer system. And whilst they’re at it, they should be marketing the bejaysus out of Xsan and Xserve RAID.

    But then that would require Apple to get really serious about the enterprise market, and that’s just silly.

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