Apple CFO Oppenheimer: Apple now positioned to address the broader market with Macintosh

“Having invested a lot on marketing and extending its channels over the last few years, and with the benefit of the iPod halo effect, Apple feels that it is now in a position to address the broader market, according to the company’s chief financial officer. The timing of the launch of the Mac mini and the iPod shuffle is spot-on, explained CFO Peter Oppenheimer speaking to analysts at the Morgan Stanley Semiconductor and System Conference. The launch comes at a time when Windows users are thinking about moving to the Mac, he said, referring to the iPod halo effect. ‘We’ve been putting the first Apple product [iPod] in the hands of millions of Windows customers around the world and when they’ve had a good experience with an iPod many have asked what else does Apple offer and we think this is helping us in the Mac business,'” Karen Haslam writes for Macworld UK.

Haslam reports, “Another selling point is the viruses that have plagued Windows. ‘You read a lot about virus security issues on the Windows platform and we think there is frustration there. So we think that timing is really great for the Mac mini as it addresses these issues,’ he said. According to Oppenheimer the company is already seeing a lot of interest in the Mac mini from Windows users. ‘We’re seeing Windows users coming in to our stores and channel partners around the world, looking at the Mac mini and buying it as a first Mac,’ he said.”

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  1. The masses are finally starting to realize that the word “computer” does not equal “Micro$oft”.
    There are other options available, and we all just happen to be privy to the most reasonable move for the general public and many business owners.
    I think Microsoft should get out of the OS business and focus on their Office products (at least until Apple has perfected their offerings in that field!!).

  2. Dear Steve,

    Advertise OS X, make it shine. The Mac mini is a great product, but it’s the software, stupid, that makes the mini such a great computer. iLife, iWork, OS X, Office, all these applications are simply unbeatable and nothing in the PC world comes close to the quality of these products. For me, the fact that there are no viruses is the best reason. I looked at the magazines in Borders yesterday, and while all the Mac magazines had front covers detailing all the great things you can do with your Mac, like video editing, photo manipulation, music etc. the PC magazines were ALL full of “HOW TO KEEP YOUR PC SECURE” I mean, come on, you spend more time trying to keep a PC running than actually using it for what you bought it for. Remember, a computer is a tool, used to get things done. If you spend three quarters of your time trying to keep the thing working, that’s three quarters of your productivity wasted. And on XP, there’s no guarantee that things will work. OS X is simple – turn on, use, Sleep.

    Come on Steve, advertise Apple in all the Sunday Broadsheets, FHM, Maxim, Loaded, maybe even a few PC magazines… who knows, it might just work…

  3. This quarter’s numbers are going to be really interesting. There was some signs that Apple were making modest gains in market share with the introduction of the new iMac.

    Now with the mac mini and the shuffle, the halo effect could be huge. Even though the mini hasn’t fully populated the channel yet, the demand should be able to be gauged.

    I predict Mac sales around 1.2 M units (200K PM, 300K PB/iB, 200K mini & 500K iMac/eMac).

    ipod sales will top 5M (3 M ipod photo / mini & 2 M shuffles).

    Profits will obviously beat the street.


    My wife’s university lab is switching over to Mac…..

    She says her computer guy convinced her because Mac is more secure….

    but I know that it’s because –


    MW: Faith (that’s nice)

  5. What they should be marketing is OS X. Why they don’t spend time and money on spreading the word about the advantages of OS X is beyond me. OS X is the best thing Apple has going for itself, unfortunitly this is a very closly kept secret.

  6. Dont talk about OS X, iLife and so on. It is not ”keyworld” for PC user who never heard about mac osx , ilife and so on. Simply tell him about his hardest problem that mac can efficiently eliminate, viruses.
    Try these:

    No virus

    So simply messages, simply as Apple.

  7. No Shumu, let journalists and word of mouth cover the virus/security issue. Apple should never, ever advertise no viruses. That’s asking for a plague of locusts to descend.

    Magic word: Window…..nah, won’t even touch it.

  8. Solid, computers must answers users needs. Apple is very good pos in this area because of simplicity, user friendliness and much more. Today the concern is about viruses. Microsoft lost in this area. Nobody trust in Windows.

    Apple – with OS X exactly but it too complex to advertise – easily tells customer there is solution for his/her problems. Most frequent problem, clear answer to point to the best solution. That is classic marketing alpha/omega.

  9. As has been mentioned here many times and in many ways, how about launching a major advertising campaign for Macs then? C’mon Apple, don’t expect just the current Mac users/fans/websites to give you free advertising alone all of the time. A major TV and print ad campaign would be nice. I don’t think I’ve seen a Mac commercial on TV for nearly 2 years now.

  10. I think it’s a bit early. I prepaid for my new iMac feb 24 and i just got my third delay shipping email. now they say it will ship on the 16th of march. If they can’t ship my iMac how are they going to sell mor mac’s to new people? PS the are totaly wrong (or lying) about their present ship dates.

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